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Super Spotlight
Brought to you by John Deere Canada
Our 333G CTL features SmartGrade™ and 2D laser control to minimize rework and labor costs.
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Connolly and Bazzarella on Skyjack’s design philosophy

Canadian Rental Service sat down with Skyjack’s Corey Connolly, senior product manager, and Raphael Bazzarella, Latin America territory manager, at their Guelph, Ont., plant to talk about their approach to lift design and the challenges of introducing new products into a global market.

Electric legacy

Imagine for a moment that you own a restaurant in a busy city or town. All is going well on this particular afternoon, but suddenly you’ve lost power. You find out a vehicle accident just happened at the intersection nearby, causing an outage that will take some time to repair. All the food in your fridges and freezers is going to spoil. Who do you call if you’re in southern Ontario? Very likely, Little Electric.

After the disaster

July, stand by, August, come they must, September, remember, October, all over. That’s the old rhyme that told sailors when to expect hurricanes. Most of us don’t have to worry about actual hurricanes in Canada, but our season for strong storms and tornados is not much different.

A flood of profits

Flood barriers can be a unique and lucrative addition to your rental fleet.


Counter Talks Episode #49: What’s Next – Dawn Bloomer, Productive Pressure

When you look at the big picture for yourself and your business, what do you see? Dawn Bloomer is a business consultant who helps small business owners get out from under the day-to-day grind of putting out fires and fixing leaks to take a look at their goals and find ways to organize their businesses to meet them. She joins CounterTalks to offer some sage advice on issues like delegation, succession planning, strategic thinking, maximizing Episode value, effective hiring and planning for the future. Take Dawn’s advice and take an hour out of your day to hear what she has ... » Read More...

Scheduler / Crew Dispatcher

Omineca Fabricating operates a full-service structural steel and aluminum fabrication shop in Prince George, BC. Our field division provides equipment maintenance and installations in sawmills around Western Canada and the United States. » Apply today

Mechanic 310T

For over 16 years, Henderson Construction has been supplying the materials, manpower and Construction needed for building vibrant communities. Today, we proudly serve the construction, landscape, contracting and nuclear industries with a variety of raw products and related services. » Apply today

Project Manager

Excel Homes is looking for a Production Manager for our Gablecraft division to join our passionate, industry-leading team. » Apply today


Equip Exposition

October 17, 2023 | Louisville, Kty. »

Women in Rental and Young Professional Network

October 23, 2023 | Clearwater Beach, Fla. »