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Donner Industrial acquires Edwards by Brehmer Mfg.

By Donner Industrial Developments   

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April 19, 2016 - Donner Industrial Developments Inc. strengthened and diversified its products and services after finalizing its purchase of Edwards by Brehmer Mfg., a truck maintenance equipment line that built a strong reputation during its 15 years of experience. The new product line features several high-quality pieces of equipment, including waste oil caddies, antifreeze caddies and truck ramps, for applications in truck service centers, agriculture, municipalities and fleets, to name a few.

“We have operated as a specialty fabrication and machine shop for years, doing manufacturing for Toro, Exmark, Budweiser, Valmont Industries and other large manufacturers. Our quality is recognized as top notch, so we wanted to take the next step and develop our own product line,” said Dale Donner, Donner Industrial Developments president. “The Edwards by Brehmer Mfg. brand fit our philosophy and quality commitment. We are improving the line even further by streamlining manufacturing and enhancing the production quality.”

The products are now marketed under the Donner name and are manufactured in a new color. In addition, the products’ durability has been enhanced. The company coats the 11-inch-wide MSGR-20s-11 and 16-inch-wide MSGR-20s-16 Spring Truck Ramps with a durable powder coat paint and constructs them with 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch steel, allowing pairs to support up to 20-ton capacity during maintenance. The 7-1/2-inch tall by 52-inch long ramps feature sure-grip traction pads, ensuring the equipment stays in place while driving a truck onto them.

The ramps feature patented spring-wheel assemblies that improve servicing times. With Donner Industrial ramps, a mechanic only needs to set the ramps in front of a vehicle; the ramp’s rubber wheels rise automatically once an operator drives the vehicle onto the ramps. Other truck ramps require a worker to use separate equipment to manually raise the wheels off the ground into operating position. In addition, mechanics can easily move the ramps — which weigh from 125 to 135 pounds each — from truck to truck using the attached 36-inch retractable handle. This allows users to transport them without continually stooping down.

“The patented, innovative spring mechanism within our new truck ramps saves valuable time by allowing trucks to be driven onto them without any additional work from mechanics,” Donner said. “That makes maintenance faster and more productive.”


The POP-16 Pressurized Waste Oil Caddies and PAF-16 Pressurized Antifreeze Caddies operate on shop air. This makes them more durable than products that run on electric motors, which can quickly wear out, driving up maintenance costs, downtime and lowering productivity. The caddies feature a 12 psi factory preset regulator along with two safety 15 psi pop-off valves to eliminate the risk of damage from too much pressure. Donner Industrial constructs each caddy with 14-gauge steel, coated with durable powder coat paint, and builds each only 8-1/2 inches tall, allowing them to fit easily under any truck.

“These caddies offer a very clean and efficient way to service trucks,” Donner said.

Donner Industrial improved the caddies’ maneuverability by replacing rigid wheels with three swivel caster wheels. The change allows the caddies to spin and move freely beneath a vehicle, which benefits mechanics working in cramped workspaces. The caddies’ 16-gallon capacity can contain a truck’s entire tank of oil or antifreeze, and the 29-inch-by-21-inch catch pan features a splashguard to keep shop floors clean.

The antifreeze caddy comes with a 12-foot hose to easily return antifreeze into the top of a semi-truck radiator after maintenance. The caddy filters the antifreeze using a 100-micron tubular screen filter. The filter saves on replacement costs because unlike costly, disposable alternatives, it’s washable. The waste oil caddy comes with a shorter 8-foot hose used for disposing of oil in a waste container. In addition, each caddy can be stored vertically to maximize workspace.

“We’re excited to be producing these new products and expanding the line,” Donner said. “We are designing new ramps along with larger and smaller pressurized caddies for a variety of industries, including the forklift industry, so more can benefit from the ease and efficiency of these products.”

Donner Industrial worked with Exmark for more than 15 years, designing specialized weld fixtures for turf care products. That relationship helps the company maintain the high standards necessary to retain business from large customers in a competitive marketplace.

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