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Custom built trailers for rental companies

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23aWaltron Trailers focuses on manufacturing transportation trailers including custom built trailers for rental companies that require specialized equipment trailers.

Custom built


Waltron Trailers focusses on manufacturing transportation trailers including custom built trailers for rental companies that require specialized equipment trailers. Waltron Trailers offers many dynamic solutions for unique trailer needs. The company works closely with numerous clients to create unique trailers that can haul anything such as 30t “backhoe trailers, to landscape trailers and dump trailers.

Features of the company’s Roll-Off Deck systems include: up to 40,000lb capacity; 100,000 main yield structure; no cross-members for a 3.0in to 4.0in height savings; 30,000lb H24 Tulsa winch with many available options; variable deck lengths; rear winch and custom toolboxes. -end-
Contact Waltron Trailers at: (866) 925-8766,

For low riding equipment
Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing offers a couple of trailers specifically suitable for the equipment rental industry. The company’s Roll-Off trailer is ideal for loading low riding equipment and heavy equipment that rental operators would have to set on manually or scaffolding that has to be stacked on.


The company also offers a Tilt and Load trailer available in any length required. It is available with removable rollers to load rental containers. It is available with an electric winch that allows it to pick up equipment that has broken down at the job site. The company says it specializes in custom built trailers for unique applications and delivery is available throughout Canada.

Tilt and Load trailer features include: 10,000lb to 14,000lb capacities; a 3.0in channel cross-members on 16in centres; pressure treated wood floor; sealed beam lighting; sand blasted, epoxy primed and painted; an 11 degree load angle on the 24ft trailer; excellent trailer for loading low riding equipment; with various lengths available.

Roll-Off system features include: load lifter assemblies; truck and trailer mounts; 10,000lb lift capacity; trailers available with 10,000 to 14,000 gross vehicle weight (GVW); and boxes or flats built to specification. -end-
Contact Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing at: (519) 765-4230,

Simplified hydraulic control
Landoll Corporation manufactures equipment transport trailers from 5.0t to 60t capacities. The Landoll 900 series Traveling Tail trailer is designed to ease the operation of loading and unloading equipment in a number of applications. It is available in either 35t or 50t capacity and features a simplified, one hydraulic control for three hydraulic operations. This design proves
beneficial, as there are no hydraulic lines, hinges or pins behind the tail to contend with or maintain.


Available in either tandem or triple axle, the 900 series is available with 12ft, 14ft or 15ft tail lengths. A low load angle as low as 11 degrees is possible with the 15ft tail. The design of the 900 series is a four beam positive cambered frame, with the undercarriage supporting the tail section for more payload capacity. Also available is a double drop option, which drops the deck by 8.0in for hauling taller equipment.

Recent product enhancements to the 900 series include: standard powder coat paint over the entire frame and undercarriage, 12in cross-member spacing standard, 25,000lb axles and a standard apitong wood-covered tail with a lifting capacity of 24,000lb. A standard centralized grease system adds additional value for easier maintenance and less downtime. An optional traction plate over wood tail is also available. The Landoll 900 series tail is full load bearing for stable dock loading.

Rounding out the standard equipment are 10R 17.5 tires, 12,000lb worm gear winch, 4S2M ABS and a large upper deck-mounted toolbox with easy access. Increased scale-ability, user friendly operation and four beam frame design make the 930/950 Traveling Tail trailer ideal for rental companies, forklifts, man lifts, construction houses and towing companies. -end-
Contact Landoll Corporation at: (800) 428-5655,


Bigger means better
Bri-Mar Trailers just super-sized the easiest way to move equipment with its HT824D Split Deck Tilt trailer. With a 20ft tilt deck and 4.0ft stationary front, the HT824D is now Bri-Mar’s longest split deck, heavy-duty tilt trailer. With no ramps and enough room to store attachments, loading and unloading work or recreational vehicles is a snap.

The absence of ramps eliminates navigating up or down them, reducing the risk of equipment damage or personal injury. Space needed to unload is also minimized. A 4.0ft stationary front deck provides room for attachments or tools. This separate section gives the HT824D dual functionality as this cargo remains stable when the deck is raised or lowered. This is accomplished by a power up/power down hydraulic system with a 20ft corded remote; a wireless remote is a desirable option.

The additional 4.0ft length added to the front of the 20ft bed does not affect the incline angle of the deck, it remains at 13 degrees. With a deck height of 33in, the deck-over design of the HT824D gives it an overall width of 102in, 20in more than other tilt trailers with decks in between the fenders. This, plus a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 14,000lb, further expands its capacity. It is also available in a gooseneck configuration to assign more load transfer to the towing vehicle.

The HT824D can accommodate backhoes, skidsteers, mini-excavators, trenchers, tractors or even classic cars. A full length rub rail with stake pockets helps secure the load. Dexter EZ Lube axles, electric brakes, rubber-mounted LED lights and a seven-way RV plug are all standard features. A heavy-duty 8.0in thick main frame and 3.0in channel cross-members support the trailer’s 2.0in thick, treated lumber deck. A selection of colours is offered: black, red, blue, green, gray or yellow. -end-
Contact Bri- Mar at: (800) 732-5845,


A milestone in load handling
The new XR26S hooklift is a sequel to the popular XR Light Range, being the first model introduced from the new XR Power Range. The XR26S with 26t lifting capacity replaces the current LHS 320 hooklift for 32t GVW trucks. All the advantages from the LHD series have been retained, improved upon and modernized so that the new XR26S is designed to better meet market demands.

The new XR Power Range and the new XR26S are operated with unique next generation programmable logic controls (PLC). The extremely reliable controls enable new features and options while providing tools for life cycle and maintenance analyses. One of the major goals in the design process was to get smart and easy-to-use cabin controls. The new ergonomic and modern control unit, designed by industrial design professionals, is easy to fit in the truck cabin.

The 21t capacity of the XR26S guarantees that even containers which are unevenly loaded can be picked up. The XR26S offers a selection of new features. The loading and unloading cycle is made easy with the help of automatic sequence control: lowering or picking up a demountable body takes place through just one control function.

The standard two-speed controls can be complemented with either improved fast speed or replaced with proportional speed. The new speed options give more precision in demanding operations, such as trailer operation. Efficiency and profitability will be gained through reducing the turnaround times to an absolute minimum.

The XR26S design process included new solutions to install the equipment on the truck chassis. Thanks to the
pre-fabricated mounting holes in the equipment’s sub-frame, the equipment can be bolt-on mounted on a truck
chassis practically without any welding. -end-
Contact: Canada (416) 751-7740; Quebec (514) 457-1287,


Designed for rental yards
Specifically designed to meet the transportation demands of the rental industry, the new Terex HFT 70RS Rental Equipment Trailer is ideal for transferring equipment to and from customer job sites, and it is a smart choice for large operations with substantial fleet transportation needs.

The company says this new trailer is designed to increase productivity and offer features that specifically cater to the rental industry. Most rental yards carry quite a bit of low ground clearance equipment, such as slab scissors and compact utility loaders. With its low break-over angle, the HFT 70RS allows operators to drive equipment onto the trailer rather than having to winch it. Also, this trailer offers enhanced traction on the ramp which makes it ideal for loading equipment with tires or in need of additional traction.

Accommodating the transportation of a variety of rental equipment from site to site, the main deck on the HFT 70RS is 29ft5in (8.97m) long and 102in (2.59m) wide along with additional length on the 9.0ft (2.74) gooseneck deck and the 10ft (3.05m) extended hydraulic ramp. The tail section provides ample ramp length for an easy loading slope with a total length of 14ft6in (4.42m). Specifically, the folding tail flips out and lowers to the ground and creates a six degree break-over angle, which allows a wide range of equipment to drive up the ramp and onto the main deck without using a winch. The HFT 70RS comes standard with an automatic hydraulic tail lock system and its starburst decking provides excellent traction to help efficiently move equipment on and off the trailer.

The tail section on the HFT 70RS rental trailer is designed for powerful performance with the capability to lift and carry up to 30,000lb (13,608kg) of equipment, and the trailer has an overall net capacity to carry up to 70,000lb (31,750kg). -end-
Contact Terex Construction Americas at: (662) 393-1800,


Low ground clearance
JLG’s Triple-L Trailer’s model EC-14 is the largest fully enclosed trailer the company makes, with a 6000lb capacity. The trailer’s interior measures 5ft10in wide by 12ft6in long. A one person operation makes loading and unloading a breeze. Triple-L Trailers are the only trailers that accommodate low ground clearance equipment, loading and unloading the trailer when it is detached from the towing vehicle, and the ability to load or unload the equipment at ground level, eliminating the chance of dropping cargo off the ramps while loading or unloading. There are no hinges to come loose or drop.

These trailers feature nine open-air flatbed models, with a payload capacity of up to 10,000lb. If a flatbed with enclosed sides is needed, eight utility models with payload capacities up to 10,000lb are also available.

Several options are available for any of the Triple-L Trailers: on-board battery trickle charger, surge brakes, pintle hitch instead of ball coupler, a 12V winch with remote control, extended side rails, spare tire and bracket that mounts within the chassis width and a full width swinging tailgate that can be readily removed. -end-
Contact JLG at: (240) 420-8029,

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