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By Neil Sperling   

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With the global economic situation in the state it is in, I believe the time is now for us to learn to work together, as the pioneers of this great land did.

With the global economic situation in the state it is in, I believe the time is now for us to learn to work together, as the pioneers of this great land did. While the days of the work bees – of having neighbours freely coming to one’s aid to build a home or a barn – are over, we need to recreate that same pioneer spirit, but in a more modern way.

For too long we have looked to government to help us out. It is plain to see when we point our fingers at government, their fingers point back to us. Truth is, economic change begins with us from the bottom up, not from the top down.

We must create a spirit of optimism and co-operation. We need to do something that is fair to all concerned and that could build better friendships, just as the work bees of the pioneers did. Today’s answer is not a work bee, but we can create the same effect!
Below is a simple, workable plan those in the rental industry might follow to do just that.

Work with a local service club such as Rotary or Lions.


Set up a tent on your parking lot, and divide the cost of tent rental between participating contractors.

Invite the community to come and meet the participating contractors.  The guest pass would be a $10 fee, donated to the service club. Each trade could have its own discount to offer guests who hire it to do work, but they must come to the event to get the contractor’s coupon.

Approach the service club about putting together a silent auction with items donated by partners such as building supplies, flooring and window companies.

The participating contractors would have tables in the tent with their own promotional aids to hand out, with everyone sharing ideas, offering their services and advice to guests in a spirit of co-operation and progress. Of course, each facility would display equipment guests could rent with a discount coupon given to them by the vendor.

The possibilities are endless – from having local musicians donate entertainment or provide snack foods, to any other added feature to encourage people to come. Come and meet the contractors. Come and see the equipment you can rent to do your next home improvement. Come and learn ways to do home improvements and network with others in the community who want to take steps to improve their properties. Meet others who are making change happen.

The cost for the event would be spread out over all those participating. Contractors may contribute to the tent rental. The service club would likely be glad to donate its time and effort to raise funds for its cause, reducing or eliminating the promotional costs. I’m certain local media would even donate promotional news. It may become a fundraising event that stimulates a community improvement program. It will stimulate a spirit of progress and hope – a spirit just like that of our early pioneers.

By working with others in the community and following this simple and achievable program, we can play a huge part in economic recovery. It begins with a spirit of co-operation that creates a shifting of attitude in the community, eventually shifting the nation’s attitude into one of hope and action.

This is an event that could benefit all concerned. The cost is just a little time, a little advertising expense, plus the willingness to join in with neighbours to get the job done.

Neil Sperling has more than 30 years’ experience in sales and construction. He is currently employed with Powermate. He can be reached at 1-800-697-6283, ext. 118.

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