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By Dave Mintenko   

Canadian Rental Association

Shows are a great chance to show your support.

Shows are a great chance to show your support.

As the Ides of March approach us it is a great time of season to reflect on recent trade shows that have just been completed — including the ARA’s Rental Show in New Orleans — and to ponder the upcoming spring trade shows. I hope you were you able to attend one of these shows or plan to attend one of the upcoming shows. Hopefully, you did or will make purchases at the show and attend some of the many seminars and keynote sessions presented. Your involvement is key. Involvement in trade shows is so very simple, yet so educational. There is a wide array of seminars which touch on many aspects involving the rental industry. Some of the best educational value is in walking the trade show floor and stopping to talk to the many suppliers. They are walking Wikipedias of information and all of these fine people truly want to share their knowledge with you. In return they want to hear you share your thoughts and opinions to fuel their understanding of your needs and the prevailing conditions in the market and your business. Not only is it a great opportunity to do some networking, but I have met many individuals over the years that have become steadfast friends. It also shows great respect in stopping to talk and acknowledge the hard work, long hours and travel that these dedicated people have to put in for these shows. A great number of them are not doing just the ARA show but countless other trade shows within a three-month window. The logistics of the behind-the-scenes preparation are daunting. Couple this with the in-between and post-show functions they are obliged to attend (yet do so with a smile) along with their normal day-to-day duties and leaving their families behind for extend periods of time, and the demands can become very overwhelming. So I very much encourage each and every one of you to take the time, spend some of those hard earned dollars and attend these trade shows. It shows class and respect to the people that help support and drive your business — your suppliers.

March is a great time to gear up, clean up and round up for what we all anticipate will be a profitable year. Time to put some spit and shine on your establishment. Make sure your summer gear is ready to roll and to do a last-minute inventory stock ups at the remaining trade shows. This is also your last chance to have some great conversations with numerous suppliers before the rental season kicks into high gear.

March is also Banquet and Party Awareness Month. Spring is always a great time to have your place of business hold those “spring flings.” It could be an open house to show off new products, or a campaign to implement new ideas and services to old and new customers. Maybe it is time for a company outing with staff. Your local party and banquet locations have a wealth of knowledge combined with great ideas and products that will help ensure your functions are highly entertaining, educational and a success to all involved. I know from past experiences that Bel Ayre Rentals and its owners, the Serpa family have helped the CRA Manitoba Local make the yearly wine and cheese outing for members and guests a tremendous and fun event. This past one in September there was even a lounge-style atmosphere complete with couches and music. Highly entertaining!


In closing, I would like on behalf of the CRA ask all of you to reflect and pay your respects in your own way on the recent losses of the people who helped contribute to our industry and were involved in the CRA. Wishing all a very productive, happy and safe upcoming season.

Dave Mintenko is senior branch manager of Hertz Equipment Rentals in Winnipeg and national president of the Canadian Rental Association. He has been in the rental business for 35 years.

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