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CRA President’s Message: A year of benefits

By Hank McInnis   

Canadian Rental Association

Iam sitting here looking at my computer and thinking about what I am going to say in my first message as president. My first thought is to thank everyone for putting their faith in me and giving me this wonderful opportunity. 

Then I realized by the time you get to read this we will be well into trade show season. These two things made me realize that our members are the reason I am here and the reason we have our trade shows. Without our members we would not exist.

I am sure you have heard all that before, but the fact of the matter is when you join an association you do not do it to make a financial donation. You expect something in return. I can honestly say that, considering the price of this investment, you just walked in on a big sale. There are the trade shows, the CRA Insurance program and Ready-to-Rent tags, just to name a few things. On top of that you get all the benefits of the American Rental Association. Check out the Canadian Rental Association and ARA web sites and Facebook pages or contact Nathalie and the staff at the CRA office or the national board of directors and executives for more information. Did you know that the ARA has a staff of almost 50 that are ready, willing and able to help you sort out the many benefits available?

Closer to home you have your local board. These are very dedicated people who are responsible for all the trade shows, meetings, golf tournaments and other social events you get to enjoy. If you really want to benefit, get involved. If you pay your dues just to get great insurance and to attend the trade shows, you are only scratching the surface. Attend a meeting, join a committee and take the next step. Learn of all the association has to offer. You will be surprised at what you are missing. Your involvement is key to the association’s success and growth. Nothing will add spark to a group like new faces and ideas. There are many personal benefits to becoming a volunteer and there is no better way to learn what the CRA/ARA has to offer. You will have the joy of knowing you helped plan and execute one of the many successful events put on by the association.

The rental business is all about helping people and that applies to each other. Your peers and competitors are like Google with legs. Someone in the business or the office of the CRA/ARA has the answer to your question and will never respond with “Do you mean…?” but with a happy “We can help,” followed by “Do you know…?” The one thing I have learned is that rental people like to share, whether it is information, sub-rents or stories of the rental that went bad.  Which is why I think the number one benefit to this association is the networking. To benefit from the networking, you need some involvement, whether you attend shows, meetings, seminars or a local social event. The networking opportunity will be there.

I was asked during the interview for Canadian Rental Service magazine if I thought it was unusual that after only 13 years I had achieved this presidency. I can say without doubt that my involvement with the rental association from starting as a volunteer moving to the local board on to the national board and then the national executive has prepared me for this. I cannot give enough thanks to my predecessors, Tim Ranson, Dave Mintenko, Marc Mandin and those before them, as well as the rental people I have had the pleasure to work with. Also, thanks to Nathalie and her staff as well as the executive and staff of the ARA for all they have taught me about rental and how organizations work.

Timn Ranson referred to 2016 as the year of safety. With the support of our membership this became a very successful campaign which continues to grow today. I would like to mark 2017 as the year of involvement and benefits. To make this campaign as successful as Tim’s, I need your help.   

I hope everyone takes up this offer and I will get to meet many of you at the CRA/ARA events.

Hank McInnis is assistant manager at Hewitt Rentals in Dartmouth, N.S. He’s been working in the rental industry for 13 years.

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