Enhancing the Beauty of Concrete Floors

September 26, 2017
By Husqvarna
September 26, 2017 - Husqvarna releases a new 3-step floor polishing system - the Hiper 3.

Hiper 3 is a new polishing system specifically for the DIY home improvement audience.

Polish garage floors and other smaller spaces in as little as a weekend. DIYers can rent a PG450 grinder, S 26 vacuum and a pre-stocked bucket containing the 3-step pads, chemicals and step-by-step instructions (
videoinstructions are also available) from a local contractor supply rental distributor.

The easy-to-follow steps include:

1. Grind with step 1 pads
2. Apply (Chemical A) liquid hardener
3. Polish with step 2 pads
4. Fine polish with step 3 pads
5. Apply (Chemical B) liquid sealer
6. Fine polish again with step 3 pads

All floors will be unique as the final finish will depend on the concrete mix used when the floor was initially poured. Most floors will achieve a salt and pepper or cream finish; however, some may expose more aggregate. No matter the finish, the floor will be smooth, reflective and be easy-to-maintain thanks to Hiper 3.

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