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Presenting the latest heating solutions for your customers’ jobsites.

Fall 2021 promises strong activity at construction sites. Be ready with these top heat products.

Allmand has listened to customers and incorporated many innovations into a redesigned, self-contained heating solution for demanding environmental conditions.  The Maxi Heat one-million-BTU, indirect-fired heater is auto-calibrated with increased efficiency, external operator controls and easier operation, providing the versatility job sites require. Applications include concrete curing; site and equipment warming; disaster-relief drying; and special event HVAC requirements. Enhancements in the new design include air recirculation, returning heated air back to the burner intake for less fuel consumption and increased efficiency. The fluid containment system capacity is 200 percent in single-tank models and 150 percent in multi-tank, meeting all CSA and Transport Canada compliance regulations. The control system features an iQ touchscreen controller with a seven-inch external screen, eliminating the need to open the heater to access the controls. The system allows control of both heaters on a single screen with a clear view of the operating parameters on a colour display. The controls provide proper damper setting for the most efficient air/fuel mixture based on the job site’s ambient temperature and barometric pressure. The display also shows efficiency, target and actual outlet temperatures. The Maxi Heat operates at a 65-decibel noise level (measured sound pressure at seven meters): a 22 percent decrease from previous models.

Wacker Neuson offers surface heaters to keep projects on schedule and within budget with hydronic technology. Hydronic surface heaters are designed to quickly and economically thaw frozen ground, cure concrete, prevent frost and provide temporary heat during cold weather conditions. Wacker Neuson’s heaters have proven to effectively manage cold weather projects by significantly reducing project costs, delivering high quality and maintaining tight project schedules. The most popular model is the E3000. Engineered for reliable performance and trouble-free starts, the E3000 will provide a maximum flow and ensure consistent heat delivery for thawing and curing applications. The E3000 thaws or cures up to 6,000 square feet and with accessories can manage up to 18,000 square feet or provide 535,000 cubic feet of dry heat at 83 percent efficiency.

Indirect-fired Foreman 500/750 heaters from L.B. White have new and enhanced features. Operator controls are now centralized in one convenient panel. Added rental-ready controls include an onboard voltmeter to verify jobsite power supply and an hour meter that clocks actual runtime. The controls are compatible with the new L.B. White Link telematics that pushes critical heat alerts and allows fleet managers to remotely access diagnostics, GPS location and more from any web-connected device.


 Link provides actionable insights to reduce service calls, avoid costly winter downtime and maximize utilization. Foreman 500/750 oil models feature lightweight, composite 57-gallon fuel tanks. The 500,000 BTU-per-hour model provides five more hours of maximum runtime. A new T-hookup on the 750,000 BTU-per-hour model allows for fast connection to a primary remote tank while the auxiliary tank is equipped to provide four more hours of maximum runtime. Dual fuel models are also available. Foreman heaters provide portability and quiet operation. They are backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Cantherm Distributors has introduced a dramatic expansion in product offerings, stocking and servicing. Cantherm has been distributing a variety of Biemmedue Arcotherm heaters, accessories and parts throughout North America from its base in Winnipeg for over 30 years. Under new ownership as of 2019, Cantherm has expanded the number and types of Biemmedue Arcotherm heaters on offer. The number of unique indirect-fired models is now up to eight, ranging in output from 100,000 to 1,000,000 BTU. The radiant Fire models now available have increased from one to two, in outputs of 115,000 or 155,000 BTU. Furthermore, the much-anticipated electric EK models, available in four sizes, are set to debut in 2022. Beyond the heating units themselves, Cantherm is developing customized products that provide better overall performance and versatility, namely, custom mobile heating trailers, which can be designed based on a client’s specific needs and applications; three custom duct adapters for each of the indirect-fired units, which are under development or already available for purchase; and ducting options that are more efficient and durable, which are available in various diameters ranging from six to 30 inches. Furthermore, with the importance of increased health considerations to clients currently, Cantherm’s products continue to deliver the goods by boasting very high CFM ratings, which are critical for healthier air exchange capabilities.

Campo Equipment in Brampton, Ont., is excited to announce the addition of two new make-up air units to the DF650 (650,000 BTU) line which was unveiled at the ARA Show in February 2020 in Orlando, Fla. The DF1600 (1.6 million BTU) and DF2500 (2.5 million BTU) make-up air heaters are constructed with the exact same features and benefits as the DF650. The backward incline fan provides quiet operation, high static pressure, low amp draw and high CFM. The unique heat push-through design locates the fan behind the burner, reducing wear-and-tear on the fan and virtually eliminating unplanned shutdowns and repair costs. Burner modulation ensures the burner never shuts off. Fuel options are propane and natural gas. The heater includes lockable casters for safer installations and forklift pockets for easier mobility. The units are stackable for off-season storage. Campo’s proprietary power management system stabilizes the incoming power to acceptable levels, protecting your equipment and keeping service calls to a minimum. DF-series heaters are certified to be used with or without ducting and meet CSA standard ANSI Z83.7-2017/CSA 2.14-2017. These built-in features result in increased ROI for you and a positive customer experience, culminating into return customers. The heater is best suited for heating space as the building envelope is beginning to be closed up. The heater is designed to sit outside or in a doorway so it can draw fresh outside air. This helps to pressurize the space and the introduction of fresh outside air causes the moist air and contaminates to be forced out. This helps reduce dry times for compounds such as concrete, paint and adhesives during the construction process.

The IX800 from Sure Flame is a good choice when performance matters. This dual-fuel, 800,000-BTU, indirect heater features Sure Flame’s patented burner and exchanger technology. Designed by an in-house, world-class combustion engineer, the IX800 delivers superior efficiency along with exceptional heat extraction. Moving all that heat to where customers need it is no problem thanks to the powerful 13,600-CFM-rated fan. The IX 800 easily handles long duct runs and can build impressive static pressure. Built tough for the extreme demands of the rental industry, the IX800 is backed by Sure Flame’s standard three-year warranty. 

Construction Equipment Solutions continues to provide quality heating products as well as service parts and technical assistance to the Canadian rental industry. CES carries a complete line of heating products for all heating applications and fuel choices, including propane, natural gas, electric and oil-fired units. As well, it supplies units that are direct-fired, indirect-fired and infrared as well as convection. The Val 6 heaters are designed with the highest quality and dependability in mind. The Val 6 radiant heat is able to heat an object without heating the air and losing efficiency at the same time. Val 6 heaters are not affected by wind or cold ambient temperatures the same way forced air heaters are. Not only are Val 6 heaters eco-friendly, releasing only one to two parts per million of carbon monoxide, but they are able to convert almost 100 per cent of their fuel to energy. This makes the Val 6 a very efficient form of heating. CES also offers the full line of Marley Engineered heating products. The TBX series mobile warmer comes in two sizes. The mobile warmers have a thermostat with positive “off” and “fan-only” positions with a range from 40 to 100 F. Ten-inch wheels allow for easy rolling over obstacles on a job site to the spot where heat is required.

For the environment-conscious user, propane and natural gas are the go-to fuel choices for heaters instead of diesel as they cut down emissions.

The IAQH 2000 from Eco Power Equipment provides centralized, large scale heating capacity for large-scale construction with larger cubic volumes. It is ideal for hospitals, high rises, big-box stores, distribution centers, wood-frame multi-family low-rise construction projects and other applications. The IAQH-2000 is capable of heating large spaces and creating a temporary environment that controls temperature and humidity reduction via heated make-up air. The ability to utilize a single or reduced number of larger heaters to heat entire spaces reduces the total cost of projects, making for a leaner construction en¬vironment based on reducing fuel burn, ideal construction temperature and humidity. The IAQH’s modulating-type design means users have the horsepower for high output heating but can modulate down to 150,000 BTU. The heater has limited burner cy¬cling and the control system brings unparalleled uptime, even in minus-40C condi¬tions. Eco Power can provide constant circulation for the structure and use several auto¬matic makeup air strategies, depending on location and ambient condi¬tions. The IAQH 2000 can control temperature and humidity better and provide even distri¬bution through space. High-performance automation with an integrated modem is supported with one year service from the factory. Additional features include remote control and moni¬toring, notifications, and heating management. The four-pass heat exchanger comprises a primary drum and secondary tubes made of 304L series stainless steel with great care in the design to reduce crack¬ing of welded joints. In addition, 300 series stainless steel is known for its great resistance to corrosion and can safely operate at high temperatures, which in¬creases its service life. The exchanger is equipped with access panels for the inspection and clean¬ing of the secondary tubes  It is installed as to enable the thermal expansion that occurs during the heating cycles of the unit. IAQH heat exchangers are built to perform in fleet conditions for years.

Ideal for applications where an open flame spark risk is out of the question; the TD1250 from Therm Dynamics excels at providing 1.25 million BTUs of clean, dry heat. The heaters are offered in two versions: the TD1250L (lift) and TD1250S (slide) The patented technology uses two diesel-powered engines to agitate hydraulic oil in a flameless, sparkless, low-pressure environment. In addition, an overspeed air intake shut-off valve is standard equipment. The oil is heated and circulated, not burned, providing a clean pollution-free discharge to the target environment. Safety features are incorporated to protect the investment. All heaters are equipped with a set of four shut-off switches that terminate the engines when excessive pressures, speed or water temperatures are detected. Certified to UL733-2013 and CSA B. TD1250 heaters produce 9,000 CFM at a static pressure of seven inches. The power plant is a 2-2504D Kohler with 240-gallon, double containment, fuel storage. Applications include thawing frozen ground, heating buildings or structures, curing concrete, drywall and paint drying and removing excess moisture to inhibit mould growth. The TD1250 features easy access to all maintenance components and minimal operation supervision.

The FVO-400RC60 from Flagro is a 390,000-BTU indirect-fired oil heater with a recirculating hood. It uses proven Riello burner technology including a nozzle pre-heater for cold weather start up and an upgraded low-temperature fuel pump. Features a welded, 304 stainless steel heat exchanger. The powerful backward blower provides ultra-quiet operation and low amperage. It’s ductable up to 150 feet. A smart power indicator control and volt meter verifies proper power supply to the heater. High-density flat-free wheels, a built-in 60-gallon fuel tank and forklift pockets give the unit the portability and convenience needed for rental applications. 

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