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Concrete showcase: June 2022

By Canadian Rental Staff   


Pour, seal and finish. These concrete products will help your customers with all their masonry needs.

Snorkel’s compact rough-terrain telehandler, the SR5719 is Snorkel’s latest iteration of the company’s line of compact telehandlers. With full-time four-wheel drive, power-assisted steering and a proportional joystick, the telehandler has a maximum lift capacity of 2,600 kilograms, a forward reach of 3.1 metres and multiple options for carriages, tires and fork tines. The telehandler operates on a Yanmar 52-kilowatt Tier 4 Final diesel engine and is compacted into a 4,700-kilogram unit with a wheelbase of 2.5 metres, width of 1.89 metres, stowed height of 1.93 metres stacked on 12- by 16.5-inch tires. For maximum power and productivity, the SR5719 has a hydraulic flow capacity of 70 litres per minute, hydraulic-oil capacity of 70 litres, fuel capacity of 80 litres and turning radius of 3.25 metres, with a 6.9-second raise time and five-second lower time.

Dust buster
The HD3 dust collector from Innovatech is a two-stage filtering system with variable suction strength and power. With three motors, the HD3 is a HEPA dust extractor that features a conical main filter and three HEPA filters that remove at least 99.97 percent of airborne particles 0.3 micrometres in diameter. The machine’s three individual motor switches allow variable suction strength and power, and its reverse air jet-pulse filter cleaning system cleans and removes dust build up on the filters. The HD3 comes equipped with a continuous-bad disposal system and easily connects to hand-operated power tools to extract concrete dust while cutting and grinding.

Slimmer, higher, faster, stronger
The Easy Up 5SP is one of the latest in Imer’s mini scissor lift line-up. With a self-propelled platform, the Easy Up 5SP has a working height of 5.20 metres and a carry capacity of 200 kilograms, including one person. With three scissors, the 5SP carries all the safety inclusions like its manual emergency lowering device, non-slip surface deck, an inclinometer with cut out and alarm and a control box on platform IP6 that features a proportional joystick and emergency stop. The 5SP also has a hybrid electric/oil engine with a two-kilowatt electric motor, 24-volt per one-kilowatt electric drive motors, a two-volt by 12/105 amp-hours battery capacity with a two-litre oil capacity. With two-wheel drive traction, and DC electric motors, the 5SP comes with pothole protection, electromagnetic brakes and non-marking tires for optimal indoor use.

Compact loaders
Bobcat’s new S510 skid steer loader features a new fuel system with a diesel engine with 24.8-gallon fuel tank capacity that generates 55 horsepower. With an operating capacity of 1,790 pounds, the S510 has a tipping-load capacity of 3,754 pounds, operating weight of 6,208 pounds and can travel 7.6 miles per hour with an auxiliary standard flow of 17.1 gallons per minute. The S510 has a reach of 17 inches and comes with lift-arm support, a spark-arrestor muffler, Bob-Tach attachment system and optional joystick control, air conditioning and heating, radio, hydraulic bucket positioning and a sound option.


For a smooth finish
The BC436 is Bartell’s standard 36-inch walk-behind trowel for concrete finishers. The BC436 is precision-balanced for smooth operation and features a robust gearbox with high-tensile steel shafting. Its cast iron spider assembly and precision ground arms allow for tight tolerances and faster troweling. The BC436 comes with a Honda GX160 with 4.8 horsepower and the BC436 Mega-T comes with a Honda GX270 engine and 8.5 horsepower. With a 10-inch by 14-inch float blade size and a six-inch by 14-inch combo blade size with a 36.5-inch float pan, the BC436 clocks in at 75 kilograms and can be safely used indoors with Bartell’s optional muffler.

For the versatility
The Cormidi CMF1500 is a 1,500-kilogram machine, part of Cormidi’s family of multifunctional products. The machine’s “quick attach” system makes it possible for one person to change the equipment of the mini-dumper. Packaged on a heavy-duty undercarriage with a rubber track, the CMF1500 has a 1,294-kilogram tip capacity, 910-kilogram machine weight and can be attached to a swivel, mini loader, dumper skip, concrete mixer, hi-tip, and other available attachments. The machine’s universal plate can also take non-Cormidi brand attachments like four-in-one buckets, a stone burrier and other accessories used in Bobcat, Toro and others.

Remote vibrations
Minnich Manufacturing showcased its Control Speed Vibrator this year at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nev. The CSV is Minnich’s latest concrete vibrator. The CVS is lightweight with a durable electric flex shaft for concrete that’s controlled through Bluetooth and the Minnich app through iOS and Android. The vibrator’s 15-amp (115-volt) universal motor lets operators reach speeds of 6,000, 8,000, 20,500 and an open speed. Once the speed is chosen, the vibrator will maintain that speed even as the concrete load changes. The universal motor drives a full line of Minnich shafts and heads and comes with a quick disconnect that adapts to the vibrators of many manufacturers.

Even lighter
Wacker Neuson’s battery-powered backpack vibrator has been redesigned to reduce the overall weight making it even more comfortable and convenient for the operator. The ACBe backpack concrete vibrator is a portable, cordless backpack concrete vibration system that provides excellent consolidation of thick concrete with and without reinforcing steel.  Because of the portability, the system is ideal for use anywhere as there is no need for additional power while providing a quiet, zero-emission option for indoor and outdoor use. The three-part modular system consists of the backpack with integrated converter, removable/replaceable battery and internal vibrator. The backpack itself was engineered by a leading hiking backpack company that understands the need for ergonomic comfort. It is fully adjustable for varying heights, chest, shoulder and waist sizes. The weight of the new backpack has been reduced by 40 percent and weighs in at only 9.3 pounds. (With the battery inserted the unit weighs under 30 pounds.) The lightweight fabric, padded shoulders and even weight distribution allow for extended working periods.  The vibrator shaft connects to the bottom centre of backpack that allows for easy left-hand or right-hand operation. The heart of the ACBe backpack vibrator is Wacker Neuson’s BP1000 lithium-ion battery, which is the exact same battery that powers the company’s zero-emission battery rammers and vibratory plates. The battery is easily inserted into the converter backpack without the need for any special tools and, because there is no cord, the operator has flexibility and mobility to move around the job site. By running on battery power, as opposed to a gasoline engine, the operator is no longer exposed to heat, exhaust fumes and engine noise. The modular vibration system allows for variety of internal head diameter and shaft lengths to connect to the backpack. Because the backpack includes the integrated converter, once the vibrator shaft and head are connected, the vibrator provides high cycle/high frequency performance for effective concrete consolidation on construction sites with vertical structures, columns, foundations, walls, and thick slabs. The nine combinations include head diameters of 1.5, 1.8 and 2.3 inches and shaft lengths of five, 10 and 16 feet. Wacker Neuson’s maintenance-free battery operated equipment is designed for convenient, easy operation. 

Half-second per tie
As the original inventors of the battery-operated rebar tying tool, the latest TwinTier series are the most advanced rebar tying tools Max has to offer to concrete contractors today. Utilizing many new technologies that have never been incorporated in previous models, TwinTiers tie at approximately ½ second per tie, reducing the time spent on repetitive snap tying to complete each jobsite faster. Equipped with a five-amp lithium-ion battery, the RB441T is able to tie 5,000 ties before needing to recharge. Each spool of Max TW1061T series tie wire can tie up to 265 ties (when tying #3 by #3 rebar) before needing to reload. With the newly added wire pull-back mechanism, each TwinTier tie only dispenses as much wire as needed for each rebar combination, cutting down unnecessary wire waste and making stronger ties compared to older rebar tying tools. Each wire tie tip is also pushed down automatically due to the wire bending mechanism of the TwinTier to allow shallow concrete pours. The RB441T weighs only 5.6 pounds and the single hand operation of the tool can give operators the ability to use their second hand to adjust rebar in place or support the weight of their back while bending over to tie flatwork. Max offers a full line of TwinTiers depending on the type of rebar tying job at hand. The RB611T has a large tying capacity, tying up to #9 by #10 rebar and for massive flat-work jobsites. The RB401T-E stand up TwinTier allows the operator to stand up and tie rebar without bending their back or pulling the trigger. This battery-operated stand-up rebar tying tool can reduce the risk of back strain as well.

Remote lock-out
Milwaukee Tool announces another innovative, dedicated concrete finishing equipment solution for the concrete contractor. Part of the MX Fuel equipment system, the MX Fuel vibratory screed is critical to the concrete leveling process, ensuring the slab is flat and meets grade. Delivering the power to pull a 16-foot bar, eliminating gas headaches and offering two hours of run-time per charge with a 12-foot bar, the new vibratory screed reduces user frustrations while meeting power requirements and exceeding runtime needs. With the power to pull up to 16-foot bars and consolidate up to six inches of concrete without sacrificing power, users have maximum control in both stiff and wet concrete. The push-button start provides instant power with no gas headaches and eliminates the repetitive motions of a pull start, reducing downtime. The battery-powered screed requires no regular maintenance, eliminates the need to mix gas and oil, produces less noise and vibration, and has zero emissions–making the workplace safer whether indoors or outdoors. When paired with a 12-foot bar and one MX Fuel RedLithium CP203 battery pack, the MX Fuel vibratory screed delivers up to two hours of runtime per charge, or up to 10,000 square feet. 

Semi-autonomous core drilling
Hilti has unveiled a semi-autonomous core drilling solution. The DD 250-CA diamond core drill, paired with the cut assist auto feed unit, gives the operator an assisted experience by intuitively guiding the drill through the entire drilling process. With this semi-autonomous drilling system, contractors can achieve significant productivity gains and convenience on jobsites. The DD 250-CA diamond core drill leverages integrated technology to provide the operator guidance for proper drill setup, real time drilling feedback and valuable productivity data once the drilling is complete. The smart tool has expanded range for all applications including drilling penetrations for ducts, pipes and cables and drilling blind holes for setting anchors or post-installed rebar.  Hilti customers can leverage the DD AF-CA H auto feed unit to assist with the drilling process. With Hilti cut assist technology, the unit delivers greater operator safety, higher worker comfort and less fatigue when coring drilling in difficult conditions. Intelligent features include automatic surface detection, tracking of drilling depth, water management and hole starting and through-hole detection. Hilti customers with the DD 150-U diamond core drill can aslo utilize the DD AF-CA L auto feed unit.

Heavy-duty components
MBW walk-behind power trowels feature heavy bearings, output shafts, gears, spiders and blade arms for superior longevity. They feature a tool-free height-adjustable operator handle. The ISO-compliant, low profile guard ring allows for easy cleaning and blade changes. Three handle options are available: standard, EZ pitch or the a patented low vibration version to reduce operator fatigue. A high-torque option with a continuously variable transmission clutch enables low speed/high torque and high speed operation. The F24 is a two-foot edging trowel ideal for jobs that require a lightweight, highly manoeuverable, professional finishing tool. This specialty finishing power trowel allows professional results even in confined areas or where weight restrictions are a concern. The F36 three-foot trowel and F46 four-foot trowel hav Honda GX160, GX270 and GX270 high torque engine options.

Stronger and safer
The new range of demolition robots from Husqvarna offer more power and more control, which means users can take their skills to a whole new level. The four new DXR models offer, on average, a power increase above 20 percent when compared to previous models. This results

in more effective and powerful machines that allow the user to get more demolition work done, faster. Complimenting this, the new machines have functionality that optimizes available power in a way that allows work to continue at high power levels, even if the task gets tougher due to circumstances such as hot environments, for example. With an all-new remote-control unit, precise operation is easier than ever. The new unit enables an improved overview of machine status, which contributes to increased uptime and productivity. The long-distance remote connection keeps the user safer and clear of any potential risks, enabling them to work in challenging areas with a remote control range of up to 984 feet.   

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