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Grinders, hammers, breakers and trowels: Concrete processing products for the rental industry

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Hot weather means the concrete pours. Be ready with these new products.

Instant blade stop
Atlas Copco’s new family of BG walk-behind power trowels includes three main models: an edger, a standard robust workhorse and a high-capacity model for fast results on large areas. Blade diameters are 24, 37, and 47 inches, respectively. Compared to the previous range, the new models have some important differences. There are two options for pitch adjustment and all versions feature QuickStop for maximum operator safety, foldable de-vibrated handles and a maintenance stand. With QuickStop, blade rotation stops immediately. Walk-behind power trowels are often equipped with a centrifugal clutch that unfortunately allows handle spin of up to 540 degrees from the moment the handle is released until the rotation is completely stopped. In QuickStop power trowels, thanks to the belt clutch the QuickStop function stops blade rotation immediately with zero degrees of handle spin for maximum operator safety. In addition, QuickStop doesn’t kill the ignition when the trigger is released, allowing the speed to be adjusted without damaging the belt and clutch. The TP models offer standard twist pitch for more accurate adjustment, while the QP versions are equipped with cog pitch for fast pitch setting. The pitch adjustment is conveniently located close to the operator’s hand. All BG power trowels are equipped with a palm trigger in robust steel and foldable de-vibrated handles. Unique to Atlas Copco power trowels, there is also a maintenance stand for easy access. For a fast, simple blade change or other service task, simply flip the machine up on the maintenance stand.

Built for rental
The Alpha nine-inch floor grinder is Contec’s smallest grinder with performance proven in the rental industry. Powered by 110V single phase, the grinder’s performance is comparable to three-phase machines while weighing only 93 pounds. Operation is dust-free due to an integrated dust port. The Alpha runs at 1,680 RPM with a variable speed option and a flexible drive coupling. A wide variety of tooling is available for cutting and coating removal. The Alpha features a carry handle for easy transport and the capability to grind close to walls.


Mechanical or power steering
Wacker Neuson has paired its popular 48-inch ride-on trowel with a new electronic fuel injection engine that offers added power, speed and fuel economy. The mechanical-steer CRT48-37V and power-steer model CRT48-37V-PS are both powered by a 37-horsepower Briggs and Stratton Vanguard air-cooled gasoline engine with the latest EFI technology. The engine features an automotive-style EFI system that delivers fuel more efficiently where and when it is needed, resulting in an easy starting, quicker throttle response with high blade speed capability and improved fuel economy. Add this new engine to Wacker Neuson’s proven trowels designed for high productivity and operator comfor, and concrete contractors receive a winning combination to achieve high quality professionally finished slabs and floors. The CRT 48-37V mechanical steer is available with a patented torsional assist steering system that is easy to operate and reduces operator fatigue. A rigid, heavy-duty frame leads to more responsive steering and excellent feedback from the concrete condition. Optimum manoeuverability is achieved due to the balanced power-to-weight ratio and ergonomic twin lever controls. The CRT38-37-PS model uses a patented electronic steering system that combines hydraulics and electronics to create a true power steer unit. The CRT-PS system was designed to produce the results of a hydrostatic machine matched with the responsiveness of a mechanical steer while improving operator comfort. Using simple joystick controls, the CRT-PS handles and performs like a lightweight finishing machine and at the end of the day, the operator sees superior finishing results without fatigue.

European quality
Lackmond Products, a leading supplier of diamond tools, carbide tools and equipment, recently entered into a joint venture with BB Plus Tec, a leading European manufacturer in the drilling and fastening market since 1969, to market and sell their core drills and rigs, core bits, rail saws and manual tile cutters in North America.  The new equipment will be marketed under the under the Beast and BB Plus Tec brands. Lackmond’s new Beast/BB Plus Tec core drills, rigs and bits are manufactured in Europe and made with the highest quality raw materials using the most advanced manufacturing technology. The BCR130/5BG is a handheld core drill with a back grip making it ideal for drilling vertical holes. The BCR130/5MG is a handheld core drill with a mid-grip which provides the operator comfort when drilling horizontal holes. The BCR300/12 is a mast-mounted core drill rig and is excellent for drilling conduit holes. All Beast/BB Plus Tec core drills are extremely powerful and loaded with countless features including an LED motor overload protection system.

Keeps users comfortable
Hilti is expanding its SDS-max rotary hammer portfolio with the introduction of the Hilti TE 50-AVR SDS-max rotary hammer with chiseling. Designed to be powerful and lightweight, the Hilti TE 50-AVR delivers superior performance in multiple applications, including hammer drilling in concrete, masonry and stone. It can also make quick work of light- and medium-duty chiseling in masonry and concrete.
This new SDS-max rotary hammer features Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) that reduces vibrations by up to 2/3 of competitor models. This helps keep users comfortable and productive all day long. The TE 50-AVR also has a detachable cord, which helps to reduce cord damage and wear. This cord simply snaps out if too much tension is applied, and it can easily be reconnected for quick field replacement of damaged cords. Weighing in at just 13.4 pounds, the Hilti TE 50-AVR is the lightest SDS-max rotary hammer in Hilti’s TE-Y class. While hammer drilling, the Combihammer has an optimal hole diameter range of ½ up to 1-1/4 inches but can drill holes up to 1 9/16-inch in diameter. The TE 50-AVR can also handle percussion coring applications up to 3 1/4-inch diameter. When the TE 50-AVR is outfitted with a Hilti TE-YD hollow drill bit and attached to the Hilti VC 20/40 vacuum, the user can virtually eliminate dust created during the drilling process and remove the need for subsequent hole cleaning when used with Hilti HIT-HY 200 or HIT-RE 500 V3 adhesive anchors.

Works with multiple systems
General Equipment Company’s SG24/GH gasoline-powered surface grinder was designed for targeted use by contractors and homeowners alike and features various grinding systems for breaking up deposits, cleaning/polishing concrete and tile, producing exposed aggregate slabs and other general concrete grinding applications. Powered by an industrial quality Honda 11-horsepower engine, the SG24/GH includes dual counter-rotating multi-accessory discs that rotate at 250 RPM and offer a maximum grinding width of 24 inches. The unique design balances forces to help reduce operator fatigue while enhancing machine control. Furthermore, an adjustable operator handle accommodates different user heights and preferences. A wide range of industry-standard interchangeable attachments are available, including grinding stones, scarifiers, wire brushes, the Scrape-R-Tach coatings removal system, Diam-A-Tach diamond grinding stones and the Pro Polish concrete floor polishing system. Also, the counter-rotating discs can be removed to attach standard 10-inch diameter, multi-segmented dry diamond discs for other applications such as removing plastic overlays and epoxies. Caster wheel height adjusts to accommodate different multi-accessory requirements. The SG24/GH has a unitized, welded-steel plate frame, high capacity self-aligning ball bearings and V-belt/spur gear transmission for maximum durability and reduced maintenance. A three-inch diameter vacuum attachment port and safety/dust shield assembly kit also come standard.

Consistency and simplicity
The Magna-Trap system is a new approach to concrete grinding surface preparation, equipment and tooling specifically designed for the rental industry.  With both rental and retail opportunities, EDCO’s Magna-Trap system works well in virtually every concrete grinder surface preparation application. An investment in Magna-Trap brings same-surface preparation tooling across EDCO floor grinder and turbo grinder product lines. The system delivers a 90 per cent improvement in tooling changeover times compared to existing tooling systems. Increased application solutions are available through new tooling selections. Magna-Trap achieves consistency and simplicity in approaching surface preparation tasks and rentals with a decreased risk of lost rental revenues due to tooling burn out. Magna-Trap grinders are the same proven and rental-tough designs EDCO has manufactured for 58 years, updated with modern features making them more productive and versatile than ever before. EDCO’s vacuum systems remove air-borne dust particles and shorten cleanups while reducing worker’s exposure to dust and debris. Common shop vacs can not capture the large volume of dust created by high production surface prep equipment.

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