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Compressor showcase: 2021

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Puff up your profits with this leading air-compression technology. 

Flexibility focus
Sullair has launched its Mid-Range Series of Tier 4 Final portable lubricated rotary screw air compressors – the first of its portable air compressors to incorporate electronic spiral valve technology. The Mid-Range Series is designed for flexibility and efficiency, with the 800HH/900H model delivering 800 to 900 cubic feet per minute at 150 to 200 pounds per square inch, and the 920H/1100 model delivering 920 to 1100 cfm at 100–150 psi. Sullair electronic spiral valve technology is designed to maximize fuel efficiency and extend runtimes by matching air supply to demand. It allows an operator to quickly and easily input the exact pressure wanted, anywhere between 100 to 200 psi, and the machine calibrates to give maximum flow at that pressure. The Mid-Range Series is the first portable product to offer the 23-Series variable capacity air end. Sullair leaned on its significant expertise in spiral valve technology, including 30 years in the demanding industrial market. The Mid-Range Series offers two Tier 4 Final diesel engine options: a Caterpillar 7.1L and a Perkins 1206J. The Cat 7.1L diesel engine replaces the previous generation’s nine-liter engine. The 7.1L engine delivers the same performance but in a smaller package, providing better fuel efficiency. The smaller sized engine reduces the compressor’s overall weight, making towing and manoeuverability easier and minimizing impacts to the environment. The flexibility of the Sullair Mid-Range Series covers the jobs of up to nine compressors. This makes it ideal for applications including pipeline work, construction, abrasive blasting, fiber optics installation, shipyards and more. The flexible design means one compressor covers a wide range of applications, giving rental companies better ROI and higher utilization rates. The Mid-Range Series provides different pressure and flow options at different times, eliminating the need to rotate compressors in and out of a jobsite. The Mid-Range Series is designed for ease of use and serviceability. Other features include a seven-inch Sullair touchscreen controller allowing for easy control at the touch of a finger – even with gloves on – and multiple service doors with robust push-to-close latches. These provide easy access to all service components to maximize uptime and help increase worker safety. Users also have the option of adding Airlinx, which provides telematics and remote monitoring capabilities.

Myriad applications
The new US250 sprayer from TurfEx features a universal mount that allows it to attach to the front of most available zero-turn mowers. This unique mounting system stays within the mower’s footprint. The US250 is completely electric powered, meaning there are no engines or hydraulics to maintain.

Driven by a 12-volt electric motor, the sprayer draws its power from the mower’s battery. The pump is rated at two gallons per minute at 60 psi, and the corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank holds up to 25 gallons. To apply liquid, the US250 features an adjustable spray wand, which is attached to 25 feet of hose.


For extended versatility, the US250 is available with an optional 48-inch, front-mounted boom for spraying directly to the ground. Also available is the boomless spray head, which uses a single nozzle to spray liquid up to a 15-foot-wide pattern.

TurfEx also offers spreader, sweeper, dethatcher and leaf pusher attachments for zero-turn mowers. The company says that each one utilizes an innovative mount system for quick attachment.

Weight cut in half
The IMT CAS80RL air compressor provides 80 cubic feet per minute of air power at almost half the weight of previous models. The new air compressor is designed with an aluminum air end and canopy to manage weight and protect against rust. Its compact footprint increases deck space on the service truck and its sound-attenuation design decreases noise levels for comfortable operation. The new air compressor is available with mechanical gauges or an LED control panel. An optional remote mounted electronic display equipped with safety features and designed for serviceability is available along with a variety of accessories. Features include an ambient operating range of minus 20 to 125 F; a six-pin weatherproof electrical connection; and a direct-driven aluminum encapsulated rotary screw air end.

Wide pressure range
he Doosan Portable Power Evolution Series portable air compressors are a significant technological update to the Doosan compressor lineup. Three of the four models of this new line have Doosan FlexAir technology,

 a new feature that allows operators to adjust air pressure to a wide pounds-per-square-inch range. Two of the models with Doosan FlexAir technology, the P185-HP150WDO-T4F and XP185-VHP165WDO-T4F are in the 185 cubic-feet-per-minute class. This class is by far the industry’s most popular size of portable air compressor by sales volume. Operators in need of 200 psi can now select the XP185-VHP165WDO-T4F, which can produce 200 psi at 165 cfm. Prior to the launch of this new model, achieving 200 psi typically required a step up in air compressor size class. Additionally, Doosan Portable Power Evolution Series air compressors have the latest Doosan engines with advanced Tier 4 Final technology. 

A rental classic
Jenny Products offers its line of K-series gas-powered wheeled portable compressors. Four models within the series boast 5.5-horsepower Honda GX engines, making these compressors fully capable of meeting the needs of contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners.

 Operating on either a recoil or electric start, the K-series single-stage compressors deliver 8.9 cubic feet per minute at 100 pounds per square inch or 8.6 cfm at 125 psi for quick recovery. The K-series features the renowned K pump, a heavy-duty, single-stage cast-iron compressor pump. The compressors are available in four air tank configurations: eight- and 15-gallon air tanks (which are low-profile, powder-coated twin-tank receivers) and 17- and 30-gallon air tanks (which are powder-coated and ASME certified.)  Lifting handles integrated into opposite ends of the compressors’ frames ensure the power gets where it is needed on the jobsite and pneumatic tires further enhance the K-series’ portability. The 17- and 30-gallon air tanks come standard with two tires, while the eight- and 15-gallon tanks offer the options of one or two tires. K-series compressors come with numerous standard features developed to ensure that the machines remain operational and require little maintenance. Each compressor is belt-driven with a large flywheel for easy start-ups and extra cooling. A directional air shroud helps further reduce pump temperatures. Special unloading valves on the compressors also assist in engine starting. The units come equipped with a totally enclosed heavy-duty belt guard, anti-vibration feet for smoother operation, a large canister intake filter with replaceable elements, manual tank drains, a stainless-steel braided discharge hose, a pressure-release safety valve and tank, regulator and outlet pressure safety gauges. Each unit is filled with Jenny Ultimate Blue synthetic compressor-pump oil for its splash lubricating system, ensuring complete oil coverage on the pistons, crankshaft, bearings, rings and cylinders. In addition to its wealth of standard features, the K-series single-stage compressors also come with an optional oil-sight glass, lubricator and airline filter.

Oil-free air
The two-stage oil-free Kaeser M500-2 is a reliable source of oil-free rental air for all manner of compressed air applications. Customers choose the Kaeser M-500 when zero oil carryover can be tolerated. The M-500 is an excellent backup for pharmaceutical, brewing, food and aerospace manufacturing; process applications during plant maintenance period; and breakdown coverage. The M500-2 is powered by a 600-horsepower Caterpillar C18 diesel engine. With a full-load fuel consumption of 21 gallons per hour and a 248-gallon fuel tank, M500-2 delivers up to 1,600 cubic feet per minute continuously for up to 12 hours. Run time can be extended using Kaeser’s external fuel connection. This setup-ready compressor includes a chassis with a parking brake; crane and rigging eyelets; and forklift pockets. Safety features include a certified spark arrestor, an engine shutoff valve, and a sealed floor pan. The Sigma Control Mobil matches air flow to meet varying air demand while maintaining steady pressure. Operating status and maintenance reminders are all available via laptop, smartphone, or tablet to avoid unscheduled downtime. The M500-2 can be started remotely and the the geofencing feature can prevent unauthorized use.

Drilling and blasting applications
The Atlas Copco XAS 950 air compressor contains a Perkins 1206F engine. This compressor offers high compressed air flows in a small package to optimize both transportation costs and onsite usage. The single axle design powers this 950 cubic-feet-per-minute mobile compressor. It is designed to be easy to control, transport, refurl, service and plan preventative maintenance for. The pressure range is 72.5 to 200 pounds per square inch. This product can tackle applications such as drilling and blasting, shallow depth drilling geotechnical exploration drilling, abrasive blasting, pipeline pigging, and drying and purging. 

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