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Changes to B.C. licensing announced

By B.C. Ministry of Justice   


June 14, 2012 - Industrial utility vehicles are no longer required to be registered, licensed and insured by the Insurance Corporation of B.C. , under amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act and its regulations in force today. These changes benefit businesses and charitable organizations across the province by reducing insurance fees and duplication.

The new changes to the Motor Vehicle Act will exempt industrial utility
vehicles used and operated in certain circumstances (incidental
use of highway only) from having to be registered, licensed and insured
by ICBC. They clarify the restrictions and conditions of operation, which will
ensure that exempted vehicles operating on a highway continue to do so
in a safe manner. A
requirement for exempted vehicles to have private third-party liability
insurance was added. The changes also add conditions of use and safety requirements for mobile

The circumstances that apply to industrial utility vehicles (which include utility vehicles,
industrial vehicles and the trailers towed by these vehicles) include:

  • Crossing a highway that intersects a worksite.
  • Operating on the
    untraveled portion of a highway.
  • Travelling on a highway next to a
    worksite for loading and unloading.
  • Operating at a worksite that
    is cordoned off.
  • Performing work in a parking lot or driveway by or on
    behalf of the property owner or operator.

Operation of a utility vehicle along a highway with traffic continues to require registration, licensing and ICBC insurance.

All exempted industrial utility vehicles are required to have third-party liability insurance,
which can be obtained in the private market.


Jim Clipperton, past president of the B.C. Canadian Rental Association , said “These changes are great news to our rental members and to the
construction industry in general. They will save businesses thousands of
dollars in insurance fees and extra administration.”

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