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Canadian Rental Association Dec. 08 E.

By Bobcat Brad Williams CRA president   

Canadian Rental Association

President’s message

Hello fellow rental members. Another interesting year is drawing to a close. While writing this report in October there has been big change in the financial markets. By the time this magazine is in your hands there will have been more change and some opportunities.

Reflecting back on the market situation, it makes me wonder what the solution could be for anyone in the rental business. I think the most solid investment is back in your own business. Think about return on investment; think about control of your assets; think about growing and enhancing your business. And lastly, think about being able to sleep at night. Whether it is adding to or replacing existing inventory. Or perhaps the time is right for that renovation or addition you were planning. Now is the time.

I am happy to inform you that the Canadian Rental Association executive and board meetings in Edmonton, Alberta, went very well. A note of appreciation to the Alberta crew that was responsible for putting on an evening that set the stage for social interaction between the Canadian board and the Alberta membership.

I would like to thank the out-going board and welcome new board members:

  • Saskatchewan Director Wayne Beckett has been replaced by Brad Pattinson.
  • Alberta Director Orrin Knapp has been replaced by Marc Mandin.
  • Quebec Director Jay Williams has been replaced by Paul Ravary.
  • Manitoba Director Ed Dywer has been replaced by Dave Mintenko.

The contributions of these individuals are often overlooked. Jay Williams (CRA Vice President) presented a token of appreciation to the retiring directors with wall plaques to commemorate their term. The next challenge for the board is to update and prepare for the adoption of a more current day set of bylaws.

A quick reminder: to check out the HED Insurance (PSIP) program. I can only predict that the insurance industry is headed for a hard market. This will be a result of the financial market correction. Rental operators can count on this program to offer market specific coverage with fair and reasonable premiums.

Congratulations to Rhonda Pedersen for her new position as the American Rental Association (ARA) Region 10 Director. Rhonda has served as CRA president and has many qualifications that make her an excellent Canadian representative at the ARA board. Special thanks to Andrew Paquette for a job well done as the outgoing ARA Region 10 Director.

Best of the holiday season to everyone and may the New Year bring health and prosperity!

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