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Bobcat expands model year utility vehicle lineup

By Bobcat Company   


May 11, 2015 - Bobcat Company has expanded its Model Year (MY) 15 utility vehicle lineup, introducing the new 3600 and 3650 hydrostatic-drive models.

The utility vehicles feature a new 24-horsepower Kohler diesel engine — the same engine used to power the MY15 3400 and 3400XL models. The 3600 and 3650 offer industry-leading payload and towing capacity, exceptional durability and optimal comfort year-round. Additionally, the 3650 takes utility vehicle versatility to a new level with the ability to operate front-mounted power-take-off (PTO) and non-PTO attachments.

The 3600 and 3650 utility vehicles can handle and haul more materials for grounds maintenance professionals, agriculture producers or homeowners with acreage. Hydrostatic drive is ideal for tasks that require repetitive back and forth movements, such as hauling, mowing, sweeping and snow removal. Operators can drive forward or reverse by pressing their toe or heel to the travel pedal. The vehicles can drive forward to a maximum top speed of 30 mph.

A hydrostatic transmission system offers operators the best of both worlds by combining smooth drivability with a durable suspension. The operator can choose the setting that matches the load requirements to achieve optimum comfort and traction without sacrificing durability.

Another characteristic of the hydrostatic system is dynamic braking. When the operator lets up on the travel pedal, a valve in the drive motor closes — blocking the flow of oil — and slowing the machine down. This dynamic braking feature makes the utility vehicles easier to control when under load.


To achieve industry-leading payload capacity for towing and hauling, the 3600 and 3650 utility vehicles feature independent front dual A-arm suspension with rear de Dion suspension. This feature improves the vehicle’s ride comfort and provides improved stability to haul and tow heavy loads. Operators can choose between low- or high-range speeds for towing heavy loads or moving light loads at faster speeds.

Comfortably transporting passengers is primary benefit of the 3600 and 3650 utility vehicles. Tilt steering, ample legroom and foot space and three-passenger bench front seat come standard on the 3600. The 3650 comes standard with bucket seats and integrated controls for the unique Multi-Attachment X-Change™ (M.A.X.) system.

The M.A.X. system, which provides integration and versatility not found on ordinary utility vehicles. The 3650 has the capability of powering front-mounted PTO-driven attachments, including an angle broom, mower and snowblower, as well as non-PTO attachments such as a bucket, grapple, pallet fork and snow blade. Seven attachments, combined with a maximum lift height of 2 feet and rated lift capacity of 500 pounds, allow the 3650 to excel at tasks such as personal property maintenance, clearing snow and moving palletized materials.

For even more productivity, a 60-gallon sprayer accessory can be mounted in the utility vehicle cargo box. The cargo box’s composite material makes it more durable than metallic boxes in order to handle tough loads, retain strength and look good for years.

For better attachment control, operators can utilize the throttle independent of the travel control pedal. This feature allows operators to set the engine speed with a throttle rather than having to use the accelerator pedal to increase engine rpm. Separating the two functions gives operators the freedom to run powered attachments more efficiently with the rpm they require yet at low travel speeds.

Additional comfort features include:
• 360-degree visibility
• Power steering
• Ergonomic controls
• Quiet engine
• Easy entry/exit
• 3-point seatbelts
• Modular cab
• Optional heat and air conditioning as a factory option

Uptime protection
Hydrostatic-drive utility vehicles use a single two-speed motor with fewer parts, reducing maintenance costs for owners. A feature called automatic engine shutdown is standard for both models. The engine in the new utility vehicles will automatically shut itself down if it experiences high engine coolant temperature or high hydraulic oil temperature.

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