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May 17, 2016 - Elevate your profits with this advanced equipment for working at heights.

Stored power system
JLG’s new non-powered vertical lifts – the EcoLift 50 and EcoLift 70 – are all-new, low-level access lifts designed to be virtually maintenance-free, thanks to a patented stored power lift/lower system that requires no batteries, hydraulics, oil, or controls. Extremely easy to operate and environmentally friendly, the lifts provide working heights of 11 and 13 feet respectively by simply turning a handle to move the lift up or down. The lifts’ lightweight design makes it easy to push them around a job site. They are rated for 330 pounds, leaving room for materials and tools to boost productivity. And, because there are no hydraulics or motors involved, both of the eco-friendly lifts operate quietly, making them a preferred piece of equipment for finish work on construction sites or even as maintenance access equipment in schools, hospitals and other institutions. Measuring just under 28 inches in width, the lifts easily roll through standard doorways on caster wheels and maneuver around all areas of a facility. Made of construction-grade materials, the rental-ready lifts offer unlimited lift cycles and can be used 24/7, contributing to a low total cost of ownership.

Low-emission solution
In response to growing worldwide demand for high performance, low emissions aerial work platforms, Terex AWP has introduced a new fuel-electric Genie Z-boom lift. The new articulating Genie Z-60/37FE boom offers operators two machines in one package for indoor and outdoor applications, while providing lower cost of operation and cleaner performance. Driven by high-efficiency AC motors, this new fuel-efficient model combines the benefits of advanced diesel power, four-wheel drive performance and the cleaner, quieter efficiency of compact, low weight electric-powered booms. The new boom lift provides the choice of two modes of operation: “full-electric,” which means full-day, emissions-free performance on a single charge, or “hybrid” mode, which provides more than a week of run time with a single tank of diesel – an excellent solution for jobsite conditions that demand higher performance and productivity. In hybrid mode, the machine uses its environmentally friendly 24-horsepower Tier 4/ Stage IIIB Final engine-powered generator to maintain the battery state of charge or to supplement the battery power to get a boost in machine performance. To keep productivity high and maintenance costs low, its engine-powered generator constantly monitors the battery state, keeping them topped off for maximum run time, then automatically shutting off to minimize fuel consumption. For extreme usage conditions or after heavy full-electric operation, the hybrid power system can provide a bulk charge within approximately four hours. The hybrid system can also provide power directly to the four-wheel AC drive motors, allowing the system to combine the power of the diesel driven generator and the 48V DC battery pack, maximizing performance when climbing hills and taking on the most rugged terrain.

Perfect for tight spaces
Skyjack’s new SJ30 articulating electric boom series offers competitive reach specifications along with exceptional drive and duty cycle performance. Two versions of the SJ30 series is available, the SJ30 ARJE articulating rotating jib electric boom, and the SJ30 AJE articulating jib electric boom. Drive from an AC electric source means that activities like loading and unloading trailers is easy, and increased duty cycles maximize the amount of work possible from a fully charged machine. Perfect for tight spaces, both models come in it at just 47 inches wide and feature a working height of 35.6 feet, up-and-over clearance of 13.1 feet, a 60-inch inside turning radius, 35 per cent grade-ability to make navigating jobsites easy, a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds and a wind rating of 28 miles per hour. A lot of manufacturing and warehouse facilities have narrow and confined spaces that require up-and over access. With its narrow dimensions and zero tailswing, the SJ30 is ideally suited for their needs in the 30-foot and under reach zone. As with all Skyjack machines, the SJ30 was designed around the simply reliable philosophy. The SJ30 feature SkyCoded, Skyjack’s dependable relay based control system; SkyRiser, Skyjack’s true vertical rise system; and EasyDrive, Skyjack’s exclusive direction-sensing drive and steer controls. The use of off-the-shelf parts leads to ease of maintenance and reduces downtown for repairs.

Opportunities for increased revenue
Merlo is an excellent investment for rental houses because it can be rented at a higher price and can also be used for multiple tasks. Merlo’s versatility means stores can rent more months per year and capture a larger market. Rental stores can charge more with Merlo for multiple reasons. The boom is 20 per cent faster with 40 kilometer-per-hour speed, an automatic quick attach with the hydraulic Tack Lock system and a side-shift single approach integrated. It is 16 per cent more compact, delivering an average of 40 per cent in fuel-saving with unequalled push and pull capacity and precision as well as a novice/expert dual control mode. Merlo has many more uses and possibilities than only lifting like a regular telehandler. It is capable of remotely controlled platform work and features a rear PTO and bucket capabilities, which can increase rental time even more. There are more than 100 specialized attachments and less maintenance (intervals of 500 hours versus 250 hours) as well as a greater lifespan with shorter work cycles. The superior resale value means a safe investment.


Light and strong
With Custom Equipment’s Hy-Brid HB-1430 low-level scissor lifts, contractors and maintenance technicians can complete nearly any project at working heights up to 20 feet. In addition, the all-purpose lifts allow end users to handle jobs that include multiple applications from start to finish in industries as diverse as construction, drywall, electrical, HVAC, industrial manufacturing, painting and plumbing. HB-1430 lifts are heavy-duty, safe and lightweight, with low wheel loads that allow users to maneuver them over delicate floors and get onto green concrete sooner. They also provide an exceptional working area, with platforms that are 25 inches wide by 60 inches long and 30-inch slide out extensions for increased platform length. The lifts can accommodate two people at a time and hold up to 670 pounds, so users can place tools and materials like drywall and ductwork on the platform and reduce the number of trips up and down on a project. The extensions have a maximum capacity of 250 pounds. Custom Equipment uses state-of-the-art technology to test its designs before building all of its lifts, including the HB-1430. This testing process allows the company to use a high-grade of steel, and because it is stronger, less material is required and the lifts weigh less than competitive machines. In addition, the process identifies stress points, allowing those areas to be reinforced without adding a lot of unnecessary weight.

Step ladder replacement
Remarkably stable, safety orange powder-coated Stack Decks replace step ladders with a step-through handrail for a safe work area and safe approach to the top of work areas. Frames may be assembled laying flat or stacked on each other. Handrails are attached and accessed by ladder. Each Stack Deck stage folds flat and easily opens, bolts and pins to next stage. The base stage includes locking wheels with outrigger stanchions which open easily for a sturdy, wide footprint.The two-part folding four-way wrap-around handrail further compacts with spring button-controlled telescoping posts. The ladder is a Type 1, 250-pound rated, adjustable, two-piece extension with easily removed pinned deck connections to either end of the deck. The two-stage, 250-pound single-worker model has a 20- by 24-inch deck and a telescoping frame to further compact and allow for height adjustment. There is plenty of room for one worker to reach past 15 feet. The two- and three-stage 500-pound capacity model is outfitted with a 36- by 30-inch deck to allow for one or two workers, with reach past 20 feet. Tool tray and deck padding options
are available.

Advanced diagnostics
The versatile new Haulotte Optimum 1931 works non-stop to deliver maximum productivity, easy maintenance and safe working conditions at all times. The 1931 operates with great precision in the tightest and most congested work sites, thanks to its asynchronous motor design (AC-motors).  The unit navigates smoothly while elevating or driving, contributing to the operator’s on-the-job comfort and confidence. The Optimum 1931 AC features a platform height of 18 feet, 11 inches, a lift capacity of 500 pounds and a turning radius of four feet, 11 inches. This 24-volt electric AC-powered scissor lift features active pothole protection for increased safety, and two swing-out trays for easy accessibility to batteries and electric and hydraulic components. The machine is outfitted with onboard diagnostic tool – Haulotte’s ActivScreen – for superior troubleshooting capabilities. It provides operators with key information such as alarms, battery charge levels, and maintenance alerts as well the ability to calibrate the machine when required. Information is capable of being displayed in six languages. With a drive speed of 2.8 miles per hour, optimal productivity is always achieved. Other features include non-marking tires and a battery level indicator on both the upper and lower control boxes. A well-positioned counterweight at the rear of the chassis increases the robustness of the machine. This counterweight acts as a bumper when accidental contact occurs, or as a skid-resistant step plate in addition to a storage area for charging and power-to-the basket cables and plugs.

Big capacity
The 2016 Titan Boom 60-S from MEC boasts a horizontal reach of 75 feet at 24-foot elevation. Lift capacity is 3,000 pounds. The lift travels at 6.4 kilometers per hour, maximum, with 40 per cent gradeability. The platform is 60 feet long by 90 inches wide and the boom makes a full lift/extension motion in 75 seconds. The platform rotates 180 degrees, 90 degrees to either side. Powered by a 100 horsepower Kubota V3800T turbo diesel, the whole lift measures 23 feet long by 80 inches high at loading height, with a maximum drive height of 40 feet. Weight is 39,700 pounds and the inside turning radius is 10 feet. The deck includes non-skid metal construction with easy-access side gates and stainless steel wire rope lanyard anchors. The guardrails use a pinless system and AC power is supplied to the platform. Drive and lift controls are fully proportional and the front and rear axels oscillate for superior frame levelling. The 60-S features 18-inch ground clearance, dual front and rear stabilizers, one-touch chassis levelling and a high-torque power package with four-wheel drive.

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