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Additional active engine protection for reversible plate compactors

By Weber MT   


July 18, 2016 - Active engine protection (MDM) by Weber MT for hand-guided soil compactors.

This technology is now a standard feature offered for reversible plate compactors of the CR 6 to CR 9 series which complements the newly refined COMPATROL® 2.0 compaction control system. This means: improved operational safety, greater efficiency and a longer service life.

To increase operational safety in every-day life at the construction site, Weber MT will rely on a comprehensive engine data management system from now on. This technique makes the compaction equipment specialist the only manufacturer to offer vibratory plates with built-in engine protection. This standard feature is available for the reversible soil compactors CR 6, CR 7, CR 8, and CR 9 (910 lbs to 1600 lbs).

MDM-engine protection constantly checks all essential parameters of the engine: The Hatz diesel engine will shut-off automatically if the MDM discovers that the engine oil pressure / oil level is too low, the engine temperature is too high or the air filter is full. If this happens, the operator is notified accordingly by an LED indicator. This safeguard makes disastrous engine failures caused by insufficient maintenance a thing of the past.
Better still, the system also indicates when the engine needs to be serviced. These benefits combined with the high-quality of the soil compactor increase and improve the service life and operational safety of the engine.

Safety for engine and compaction
MDM-engine protection is also part of the COMPATROL® system version 2.0. Compaction control and engine protection, therefore, offer a dual safety feature.
COMPATROL® 2.0 is distinguished by its exceptional time and cost efficiency. This new and improved compaction control allows for uniform compaction across the entire compacted surface. Weak spots can be detected and compensated in good time. Perfect work results can now be achieved with a much smaller number of passes. The completion time and cost savings run at up to 25 percent.
Weber MT’s introductory offer includes a 4-year warranty, or 600 hours, for all soil compactors equipped with MDM-engine protection.


The advantages of active engine protection (MDM) at a glance:
• Warning and engine shut-off when the engine oil pressure drops below the permissible level (oil level).
• Warning and engine shut-off when the engine temperature exceeds permissible limits.
• Warning and engine shut-off when the air filter is extremely dirty.
• Display to indicate when the battery is not charging.
• Indicator warning that time for next maintenance inspection has been reached or exceeded.
• E-start with hour meter.
• 4-year warranty or 600 hours.

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