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Metacut is one of a wide variety of thin cutting wheels from Abmast. It is one of the company’s best sellers, and comes in sizes ranging from 41/2” x .045” x 7/8” up to 7” x .060” x 7/8”.



Metacut is one of a wide variety of thin cutting wheels from Abmast. It is one of the company’s best sellers, and comes in sizes ranging from 41/2” x .045” x 7/8” up to 7” x .060” x 7/8”.

The Metacut line consists of resin-bonded abrasives on a depressed centre cut-off wheel. According to Abmast, Metacut wheels have been specially designed for high performance on metal, providing a faster and cleaner cut.

The fibreglass reinforcements make the wheel safer to use, but flexible enough to withstand lateral pressure. Applications include structural steel, sheet metal, ferrous metals, pipe, rebar, stainless steel.


DSI Diamond


According to the company, D’AX is a unique blade designed to cut through a variety of difficult-to-cut materials such as corrugated roofing, sheet metal, wood and tree roots. DSI Diamond says it’s the perfect tool for roofers, renovators, rescue units, landscapers, recyclers and demolition crews. The blade is manufactured exclusively in Canada by Diamond Systems Inc. The company has more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing, combined with hands-on involvement with both professional sawing and general contractors, attributes that have allowed them to produce products suited for today’s requirements.

DCC Series
CM Equipment


The DCC Series from CM Equipment are dry/wet  diamond blades for portable saws. These general purpose blades can be used for cutting most cured concrete, paving stones, and construction materials.

CM Equipment offers a number of entries in this line, including two entries in the Econo Quality section (sintered, segment height: .450-inch and laser welded, segment height: .400-inch).

The blades shown here are from the company’s Value Quality line.

Silver Line
Pearl Abrasive Co.


Pearl Abrasive Co. offers a wide range of bonded and coated abrasives. Within the bonded abrasives line, Pearl carries a variety of cut-off wheels with many grain configurations to meet all possible cutting requirements. One example is the company’s Silver Line brand of aluminum oxide bonded abrasive cut-off wheels. Each wheel is fully reinforced and designed for long life and fast cutting performance. The company recommends them for use in cutting ferrous metals, iron, steel, angle iron, rebar, and pipes.  

Pearl has small-diameter cut-off wheels (2” to 8”), stationary saw cut-off wheels (10” to 20”) and high-speed, gas powered saw cut-off wheels (12” to 20”).  Pearl’s high-speed cut-off wheels are triple reinforced.

4 X 4 Diamond Blades
Norton/Saint-Gobain Abrasives


Diamond blades are typically engineered to specific application and machine. The bond or segment height needed for one job can be completely different from another. Yet, we know that contractors are inclined to use the same blade.

Norton has developed a solution that will allow one blade to cut a range of construction materials without sacrificing performance. The new Norton 4 X 4 diamond blade utilizes unique design technologies to create a multi-purpose blade for wet or dry cutting. The patent-pending steel core design with stroboscopic depth indicators offers control. The outer laser cuts are shaped liked arrows to indicate the true rotation of the blade. This reduces potential error of putting the blade on backwards that could result in glazing or even damaging the segments. These same indicators also help control depth of cut. During blade rotation, the laser cuts create a stroboscopic window that provide the operator visual assurance of the appropriate depths when step cutting while assisting in the release of heat and debris from the cut. A tall .472-inch laser welded diamond segment provides the versatility of cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, granite, building materials, thin steel sections, angle iron up to a half-inch material thickness and rebar up to no. 5.

Star Diamond Tools


These 4” x 2” diamond grinding blocks from Star Diamond Tools are designed for low speed grinders with accessory discs.

Super Premium diamond segments are mounted on a hollow square tube, which keeps the tool cool, and dissipates the dust during the grinding process.

According to the company, StarBars will remove thin-set, paint, and will level and smooth uneven concrete surfaces.

Star Bars come in hard and soft concrete specifications with multiple grit sizes.

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