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2019 Rental Software Showcase

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Make better use of your company’s information with these new software products.

Data is the most valuable commodity in the world. Use yours more effectively with these top solutions.

Trackequipment use
TVH in the Americas, a provider of replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industries, offers telematics solutions from Gem One. Its monitoring systems allow rental stores to easily track and manage equipment remotely. Users can receive real time updates of incident; track and record all pre- and post-operational checklists ensuring safety compliance; and know who is operating the vehicle. These systems can easily be installed on any make and model of forklift, making them a suitable choice for mixed fleets. Gem One offers different types of monitoring solutions, which can be customized with accessories to fit specific needs.

Canadian solution
Sirius-E, from Orion Software, is a robust rental software solution built to help streamline rental operations and grow business with real-time information. Orion has leveraged 30 years of deep knowledge of the rental industry to create a Canadian software solution. Featuring multi-branch capabilites; a modern user interface; alerts on the go; dispatch and logistics; inventory control; mobile apps; availability management; intelligent maintenance; inspection and repair planning; crew management; project management; relevant business analytics and dashboards; comprehensive accounting features; collection automatization; procurement tools; and a new web portal for asset management, Sirius-E is designed as an all-in-one, future-proof product. Powerful, yet flexible and customizable, Sirius-E is sold in 30 countries and used by over a 1,000 companies. It improves collaboration and workforce productivity and unleashes growth with an integrated transactional web portal to help rental stores increase their bottom-lines.

Training in virtual reality
Serious Labs has introduced Serious:XR, its new XR platform. The new extended reality (XR) collaborative worksite platform is designed to train and assess remote workers for plant, industrial and other types of worksite operations. The Serious:XR platform allows trainees to conduct practical and emergency operations in a safe environment, while building and assessing employee safety, efficiency and proficiency. The XR platform allows multiple users to collaborate remotely from anywhere in the world with other team members, trainers, and subject matter experts in a simulated virtual environment. By using a virtual reality kit which includes a corded headset, gaming laptop and internet connection, the user is immersed in a virtual world. Serious Labs’ extensive team of VR designers have created customizable “modeled environments” training modules for jobsites in a variety of industries including construction, energy, plant facilities and utilities. Trainees and instructors can communicate, interact and certify in the collaborative VR environment. Experiential learning has been shown to lead to greater comprehension and retention, and the safe training environment allows the user to learn from mistakes without risk of injury or damage.

Easily hidden
DPL Telematics has announced the release of the AssetView mini tracking system. AssetView Mini is an advanced solution for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of any powered or unpowered asset to improve logistics, manage inventory and curb theft. The tiny, portable GPS unit is completely self-contained and may be hidden on any asset, installing in seconds. The AssetView Mini allows owners to remotely monitor any asset accurately from an intuitive, internet-based software package and mobile app. It uses no external wiring or antenna, featuring quick, unwired attachment to any asset in a true hide-and-track installation. The unit is compact and portable, measuring only 3.3 by 2.5 by 0.94 inches. It may be rotated between company assets and hidden easily. Internal battery power is supplied by three AAA 1.5V batteries the customer can replace. The AssetView Mini is self-powered for up to three years on daily updates, or up to six months with more detailed tracking. Users can use the wireless communication features to activate recovery mode or set movement alerts from the software or mobile app. The AssetView Mini features an IP 67-rated and UV-stabilized design, making it waterproof for deployment in harsh environments. Software services are provided on a month-to-month agreement with no long-term contract, eligible to deactivate and reactivate anytime without penalty.

New time blocks feature
A1A Software continues to expand features of iCraneTrax, making the fleet and personnel management software more robust for the needs of equipment rental companies. iCraneTrax captures complex data from the most sophisticated crane and lifting equipment, then combines various business communications into one tool to improve coordination and communication between sales people, dispatchers, operators, managers, and mechanics. Quote proposals, service agreements, and dispatch tickets can now be customized, giving users control over which fields to display in the job information, job description and header sections of printouts. For example, terms and conditions can now be added to the service agreement. The time block feature, which allows users to assign equipment and personnel for a designated time period, assists with payroll and provides more accurate availability of equipment that can be called out on rent. Now default time blocks can be created for standard uses such as labour or equipment runtime, making data entry more efficient. Likewise, it is now possible to specify typical workdays on crane utilization reports. Plus, time blocks can be displayed in job notification emails and can be optionally added to dispatch tickets.

Do more online
Texada offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform for managing every aspect of an equipment rental business. With Texada, rental companies can handle more than just rentals and inventory. The platform fuels rental business growth by delivering rental management workflows; a mobile app for field service; online customer access; an e-commerce store; secure payment processing; and visual reporting tools. Texada’s flagship rental management solution, Systematic Rental Management (SRM) is the central nervous system of the platform. SRM assists store managers with tracking equipment from purchase to disposal, through such features as rental reservations and contracts; cycle billing and rental returns; pickup and delivery management; equipment work orders; merchandise and equipment sales; document emailing; and inventory barcode printing and scanning. Business owners can also cut out third-party accounting software by leveraging SRM’s full accounting modules for accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger. For service departments, Texada FleetLogic allows dispatchers to connect with field mechanics and drivers in real-time. Work orders, delivery tickets and custom inspection forms can be created, assigned, and updated through the mobile app to allow for smoother control over teams working on the road. Customers can gain new ways to work with a rental store when it launches an online rental store with Texada GateWay. This e-commerce extension allows operators to connect their websites to Texada SRM, helping customers request reservations anytime, anywhere. The customer access portal also enables customers to manage open contracts, view their rate calendars and pay invoices online with their free customer account that instantly syncs with SRM records.

Expanding mobile capability
Point of Rental has been delivering mobile capabilities in rental software since implementing wireless alerts in 2011. From Rental Essentials (2014) to Inspection App (2017), the company has pushed the boundaries of mobile-based rental. In 2019, the company built a new home to unify its app offerings and provide a fully connected mobile interface for its users. POR One was built from the ground up, with offline support in mind, so rental teams will have access to data even in areas without reception. The app launched with Mobile Workforce, which allows users to collect delivery signatures, take condition photos, clock in and out with geo-stamped locations, and send delivery or pickup notifications. It also features new in-app messaging functionality, instantly connecting employees throughout a rental business to one another with no exchange of phone numbers or calling the front counter necessary. POR One can be a single point of sign-on for users at businesses with several mobile functions, like UnlockIt, the company’s automatic locker app. Point of Rental will continue to incorporate more mobile features into the app.

Loaded with features
RentMaster rental software is frequently updated with new features and improved performance. It offers unlimited categories and subcategories to organize inventory. Unlimited product information means instead of entering the same product information again and again for the similar inventory items, RentMaster keeps a separate database of product information so when new inventory items are added the user simply selects the associated product and adds some additional information (serial number, price, status and so on).

Ordering is made easier with real-time inventory availability checks. Existing customers can be quickly selected from a list or enter new customer information on the fly. Custom order status values are available including reserved, shipped, received, canceled and so on. RentMaster users can easily make quotes and turn them into orders by adding customer information. RentMaster rental software will automatically detect and complete customer information if it can find a matching customer record with the same name or phone number. Customers can be categorized in custom-defined categories (business, individual, school, church and so on) and searched by any field. Available reports include inventory, customer, orders, rental agreement, invoice, billing statements, mailing labels and much more. Powerful records filtering options allow users to filter and sort the records by any field using different criteria (date, status and so on).

Intuitive interface
Easily schedule heavy equipment maintenance, manage internal and customer work and evaluate utilization of heavy equipment and return on investment with Alert’s equipment maintenance software. Manage parts and heavy equipment sales from purchase order through receiving, pricing, sales and service with Alert’s construction inventory management system.

Alert’s unique and advanced Counter Intelligence System improves the efficiency of counter operations with integrated credit card processing, bar-code check-in, signature capture, fax and email, driver’s license imaging and much more. Alert EasyPro’s construction equipment rental management software is easy to use by being intuitive. It has powerful billing, reservations, dispatch and transportation-management features. Alert Management Systems also offers dependable support and boasts high-rated service and support (96 per cent customer satisfaction).

Set up online store
It’s never been easier to rent out products from a website and give customers the convenience to book online. Rental operators can use Booqable to get more reservations, simplify order management and grow business. Set up products, pricing methods and business hours to lay the groundwork for the rental store, all on a platform that combines an intuitive online booking system with easy-to-use rental software. Display products and rent-now buttons on the website and get full control over descriptions, colours, and translations. With Booqable, customers can browse and search rental products whenever they want, on any device. Customers no longer have to reach out to check what’s in stock. Booqable shows availability in real-time and gives people the freedom to select a rental period or choose from pre-defined time slots and durations. Rental stores can increase revenue by letting customers pay online with a credit card or PayPal account. Online payments are connected to bookings, making them easily trackable, so nothing falls through the cracks.


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