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Rental Mart – 2018 Booth Preview

By Canadian Rental Staff   

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Rental Mart 2018 sneak peek - an advance look at some of the great technology coming to the Rental Mart this year.

Outstanding traction
Booth #517
The Barreto model E2348RTKH-6MS is a highly productive track trencher equipped with a Honda GX690 motor. With a total weight of 1,690 pounds and a track width of seven feet, one inch, this unit provides outstanding traction and flotation on wet soil, clay, sand or steep terrains. One-handed controls make this unit easy to operate. Barreto uses rod linkages rather than cables for added reliability. Available in four- or six-inch chain, in lengths of 24, 30, 42 and 48 inches.

Ideal for diagonal cuts
Booth #525
Rubi has come out with the next big-tile cutter. The TR-Magnet manual tile cutter allows for intensive cutting of ceramic and porcelain tiles. It features a new operating system by magnet, operable with one hand allowing for greater ease and speed of cutting.  A multi-point breaker delivers 800 kilograms of breaking power. There’s a reinforced Soft-Grip handle and a high-strength aluminum base. The TR-Magnet comes with a robust carrying case. Mobile breaker TR Manual tile cutters are ideal for diagonal cuts thanks for the new swivel square with fast and precise pin points for fast set-up. All Rubi tile cutters are equipped with a three-year warranty.  This cutter takes the best of the old Rubi tile cutters and adds the ease of the new magnet breaking system for very accurate cuts of porcelain tile.

Rental software with CRM
Booth #526
Leverage more data than ever before with the Alert EasyPro integration to Zoho CRM. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a powerful sales pipeline management tool and now essential CRM information can be integrated with Alert EasyPro. View and manage key contact information such as names, address, emails, and phone numbers. Handle important tasks and ticklers and look at notes to see where the sales cycle stands. Information flows back and forth between Alert EasyPro and Zoho CRM, so both systems will be up to date bi-directionally and automatically.  Now customer relationships can be managed in either place, with information at your fingertips. Available in Alert EasyPro v.19. Zoho CRM is the choice of thousands of forward-thinking businesses. Some benefits include multichannel capability, performance monitoring, territory management and task automation. The platform is fully extendable.

Not just another layflat hose
Booth #1108
National Hose has introduced the Eco-Pump PVC layflat hose. This all-new Hi-Viz Green hose is not just another PVC layflat hose; it was designed with purpose to meet customers’ needs. It is designed as a new PVC discharge hose that will change the way the industry thinks about PVC layflat hoses. It starts with safety, quality and reliability along with competitive pricing. National Hose encourages rental store operators to learn more about the great value of the new Eco-Pump PVC layflat hose at the Rental Mart.

Three cutting surfaces per tooth
Booth #201
The Dosko 337-13HC features a Honda GX390 engine with an oil shutdown sensor, cyclone air filter, direct belt drive, unique side discharge frame and is towable with the optional easy-to-install tow package. This unit uses Greenteeth 500 series teeth, which have three cutting surfaces in one tooth. It takes a 14-inch cutting wheel and operates at 2,200 RPM using a direct belt drive with a three-groove power band and idler bearing belt tensioners.

Break free of paper
Booth # 709
FleetLogic is a SaaS solution that leverages the power of mobile technology. FleetLogic can unleash businesses from the limits of paper-drive manual processes. It’s designed to run on any device (iOS or Android) and syncs the back office and the field in real-time. Dispatchers use a web-based screen to assign and monitor job status. Drivers use a mobile app to view daily list of work, take pictures, add notes and close tickets. Business can be run from anywhere. If it feels familiar, that’s because it is. FleetLogic is developed with the user in mind. It has seamless integration capabilities to scale with any business. FleetLogic’s navigation feature shows users where the tech is, the job status and how long it’s been on site. This allows dispatchers to make crucial decisions with pinpoint accuracy. FleetLogic provides robust data-capturing capabilities on digital work orders, making it harder for fees to be disputed. Having time-stamped documentation, photographs and customer signatures allows rental managers to put billing disputes to rest smoothly and quickly. Keep billing cycles on track and get paid faster with the streamlined payment process.

Designed for reliability
Booth #517
The Ryan ZTS stand-on aerator is a highly robust aerator designed for reliability, production and operator comfort.  Its patented self-tightening chain mechanism and depth controller make this the perfect unit for day- to-day use. Capable of covering two to two-and-a-half acres per hour, this unit provides high performance and maximum rental profits.  The hydraulic cooling radiator adds to the life of the pumps and motors maximizing its durability. It is operator-friendly and highly manoeuverable with its thumb control lift and lower. With 48 tines and down-pressure of 700 pounds, the ZTS provides maximum ground penetration.  The open frame design and jack stands provide ease of service and maintenance.

Power for big mixing jobs
Construction project today come with ever-greater demands for efficiency and performance. Entering this field is Collomix with a full complement of powerful hand-held jobsite mixers. Chief among these is the XO6 heavy-duty professional power mixer. This 2.1-horsepower, two-gear mixer is designed to take on the toughest materials on the jobsite with ease. This machine can easily mix three to four bags of material per batch without breaking a sweat. Even with denser and heavier materials such as ready-mixed mortar or adhesives, the six-inch-wide paddle mixes the product successfully. With an ergonomic design and reliable high-performance precision gear box, the tradesman will really appreciate the power. Other handy features include an easy-to-use ergonomic design and a Hexafix Quick-Couple connector for the paddle. All of this and proudly made in Germany, too.

Goes where others can’t
The Slope-Pro mower is designed to mow difficult and hazardous locations, including up to 50-degree side slopes. The design emphasizes operator safety and productivity on both sloped and flat terrain, operating where ride–on mowers cannot. There are many locations that are too hazardous to mow and maintain by either conventional or manual methods, and this number continues to grow. Worker health and safety protocols as well as vegetation-control regulations (herbicide restrictions) continue to be tightened and more strictly enforced. As a rental product targeted towards a required albeit specialized application, the Slope-Pro can sustain a high charge-out rate – increasing ROI and cash flow – and can help drive increased traffic to the store. It is truly a heavy-duty industrial mower and has been designed to keep utilization up and ownership costs low. It is easy to operate, reducing the chance of abuse and making renting stress-free. The Slope-Pro fits on most landscape trailers so it is easily picked up or delivered. The mower requires little routine maintenance and the time required for pre-rental prep is minimal. Most importantly, it is the right tool for hazardous jobs saving the abuse of other fleet mowers such as ZTRs.  The Slope-Pro is designed, manufactured and distributed worldwide by Progressive Turf Equipment based in Seaforth, Ont.

High static pressure, low amps
Booth #610
The new IDH200QR from Frost Fighter offers the proven reliability and durability of the IDF series with enhanced features and the newest technology. The IDH200QR supplies up to 170,000 BTU with the ability to recirculate, which dramatically reduces fuel costs by utilizing heated interior air (instead of outside air) over the heat exchanger. Standard features include a high-capacity industrial grade burner; and 18-U.S.-gallon tank with environmental spill containment; six-ply pneumatic tires; a patented heat-recovery option and a fully insulated jacket for greater efficiency. The IDH200QR has a higher static pressure (five-inch water column), along with lower start-up and running amps (11 amps), making it a highly effective unit. Like the IDF series, the unit includes a proven multi-pass stainless steel heat exchanger, providing unsurpassed heat transfer, efficiency and durability. In addition, the IDH200QR has one of the lower decibel ratings ( less than 74 decibels) in the industry, providing powerful airflow with very little sound. The unit is available in diesel or propane/natural gas with an easy ball-valve switchover. The LP/NG unit comes with three trials for ignition to prevent nuisance service calls, and the diesel unit is available with a Genysis reader for easy troubleshooting. The new IDHQR series provides the most important features for heating applications: increased fuel and power savings, quiet operation, recirculation and high efficiency, and longer duct options.

Easy control of any load
Booth #206
RGC Pro platform hoists are engineered for professional roofers with their safety in mind. Two hundred and 400-pound lifting capacities are available at heights up to 44 feet. Lightweight and easy to transport with durable wheels, Pro platform hoists assemble easily and quickly without requiring special tools. Available in a choice of gas or electric power, a single handle at hip height offers easy control of whatever is being lifted. Pro power supplies also allow easier speed regulation for lifting and lowering loads, providing additional safety for the crew. The Pro platform hoist also features easy mounting to first- and third-track cross ties without needing to lift it into place. RGC also offers a great selection of optional equipment including a solar panel carrier, a plywood carrier, shoe kits, a telescopic support (required for heights over 28 feet) and more.

Hot power
Booth #301
The HW3513HAD hot water pressure washer from BE Pressure Supply features a low-pressure chemical injector, low oil shutdown, a 6.1-liter fuel tank, a burner tank, a top-fired powder-coated heat exchanger and an electromagnetic firing system. It produces 3,500 PSI at four gallons per minute using a Honda GX390 engine and an AR Triplex pump. The unit comes with a 50-foot hose; a gun and wand; 13-inch pneumatic tires; and a five-year pump warranty.

Built for Canada
Booth #630
The CPS 185 KDIT4 air compressor from Chicago Pneumatic delivers the power to get the job done. Designed for demanding job sites, these compressors allow operators to run multiple hand tools and hammers at the same time for maximum efficiency. They’re also ideal for sandblasting, irrigation blow-outs and general construction applications. With noise-reducing enclosures, straightforward controls and a low-maintenance design, they’re built for reliable performance day in and day out. Features include ease of transportation; user friendly controls; efficient operation; a low-maintenance design; a cold-climate package including synthetic oils, a block heater, an HD battery, and thermostatic by-pass valve; CRN-approved vessels for Canada; and a single-axle trailer design.

Perfect for large-format tile
photo: pikus130
Booth #525
The Raimondi Pikus 130 is an Italian-made and -assembled professional wet saw for large-format porcelain tiles and stone. This saw offers a diverse range of abilities with a powerful belt-drive, 1.5-horsepower motor and a 10-inch blade that has great torque for its size.  With a long 130-centimeter cut capacity, it allows for most large-format tiles to be cut with ease. It also sports a massive plunge-cut ability for cutting bricks, pavers, or stone up to six inches thick in two passes.  The smart, cast and extruded aluminum frame design allows for easy transportation to and from a jobsite, and even through doorways for cutting indoors.  The tilting motor assembly grants the operator the easy ability to perform up to 45-degree mitre or beveled cuts typically only obtainable by large CNC machines. The Pikus 130 comes assembled and ready to use.   

Organized inspections
Booth #102
Point of Rental’s Inspection app streamlines the inspection and maintenance processes, helping businesses ensure their equipment is running properly while saving staff time and reducing safety and liability issues. Managers create checklists, determine which checklist items are critical and which ones need to be double-checked by management then assign inspections to people or management groups. Inspectors can manage their checklists via mobile device and tracking enables teams to see which items are spending the most time being inspected, which employees are responsible for inspections, and lots of other reports that ensure accountability within the inspection process. The Inspection app integrates with Rental Expert and Rental Elite and enables rental businesses to manage their inspection and routine maintenance processes digitally, saving time and money while increasing trackability, efficiency, and profit.

Gets close to the wall
Booth #213
The Boss by WerkMaster was specifically designed for use as surface preparation equipment for rental organizations and built for the rental equipment market.  The design is aimed to relieve rental operators’ pain points: power, mobility and edging.  Available in 110- and 220-volt models, The BOSS can separate into three components for easy transport and will edge to within 1/8 inch of a wall. With a simple change of tooling the Boss can prep concrete and other subfloors; refinish hardwood; remove aluminum oxide and other finishes from engineered hardwood; and refinish wood decks. The Boss delivers exceptional rental ROI 12 months of the year. WerkMaster takes pride in providing professional customer care and service combined with exceptional quality craftsmanship and specialized solutions for customers.

Lift safely
Booth #332
The Makinex powered hand truck PHT-140, previously known as the OneLift, is a universal materials handling solution that enables one person to safely lift and load small equipment or bulky goods weighing up to 309 pounds. It provides a quick and easy alternative to using a forklift or tailgate loader for small loads. The Makinex powered hand truck has many applications and can be used in workshops, warehouses, factories, depots, distribution companies and rental yards. The PHT-140 features powered lift via a 12-volt 25-amp linear actuator. It is easy to operate. The lifting arm reach is controlled by the user lifting or lowering the handles and arm height is controlled via a simple thumb switch. The unique design enables one person to lift and load directly into vehicles or to place equipment and small loads on bench tops. It eliminates awkward and dangerous one- or two-person lifts and reduces the incidence of back and other injuries caused by heavy lifting. The hand truck is lightweight and easy to manoeuver. After use it can be folded down flat for easy transport and storage. It comes standard with a hook attachment for lifting, moving and loading small equipment and machinery fitted with a lifting eye, for example, water pumps, generators, air compressors, and plate compactors. A fork attachment for lifting, moving and loading small pallets and skids is optional and sold separately.

Multiple attachments available
Booth #431
Manufactured in Italy, Cast loaders are quality machines designed for commercial users. The full range consists of stand-on mini loaders from 11 to 22 horsepower in gas, electric or diesel configurations, to sit-down four-wheel-drive telescopic loaders from 20 to 45 horsepower. All units are powered with Kubota Tier IV emission-certified engines. Cast can also supply a range of over 60 attachments optimized to work with the loaders’ hydraulic and lift capacity.

New tines
Booth #301
The BA-4 lawn aerator from Bannerman is made in Canada. It features new fracture tines for rental-
rugged durability. The aerator is a self-propelled walk-behind design that aerates an 18-inch swath using a Honda GX120 engine with six-to-one gear reduction. The machine includes removable ballast bars for easier transport.

Extracts more water
Booth #630
Users can achieve maximum humidity control in a space-saving design with the XPower XD-85LH LGR dehumidifier. XPower LGR dehumidifiers feature a patented dual intake system which boosts efficiency and performance in a wide range of operating conditions. Designed to maximize storage space, this compact unit stacks up to three high and features two moulded handle grip points on the front and back. For added mobility, this model includes wheels and handle. A user-friendly digital display screen gives a reading on current humidity and the desired humidity level may be programed. Developed to excel in even the toughest water damage restoration environments, the professional grade LGR series extracts more moisture than much larger commercial models. Features include focused airflow; a low-amp draw (under 7 amps); removal of more than to 85 pints per day; a wide operating range of 33 to 105 F; an auto-purge water pump with a 20-foot drain hose; stackability up to three units high; and lightweight at under 70 pounds.

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